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Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox
Tags: Shooter, Run 'n Gun
Developer: SNK
More Platforms: Arcade, NeoGeo, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita, Xbox 360


Metal Slug 3 (Xbox) screenshotMetal Slug 3 (Xbox) screenshotMetal Slug 3 (Xbox) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Metal Slug 3 review

Reviewed October 28, 2004

Jason Venter says: "Press toward the right, mashing the button furiously as livid crustaceans emerge from ramshackle shanties. If they get too close, swipe your knife across them and return to your main quest: survival. Buildings explode into flame and melt away as if they never existed. Prisoners of war thank you heartily as you cut loose their ropes on the way to shoot a bubble-blowing goon ahead. But wait, there’s a weapon pick-up!"
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Reader Reviews

Metal Slug 3 review

Reviewed June 13, 2004

bluberry says: "Before I begin this review, you should know that I have never played a Metal Slug game in my life. Ever. Metal Slug evaded me on the Saturn since I only recently modded mine, and both Metal Slugs for the PlayStation were said to be abysmal ports. Then Metal Slug 3, considered by fans to be the apex of the series, was announced for the X-Box. This piqued my interest, as the Metal Slug games have always been compared to Konami's Contra series. And god damn..."
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Metal Slug 3 review

Reviewed May 13, 2005

careless_whisper says: "Fascist military regimes are stalwart figures of evil oppression They can kick ass, and look good doing it. Submarines, tanks, fighter jets, countless soldiers, and fortresses of doom all come standard. Put a good one in a videogame and it’s hard to go wrong. The first Metal Slug, as a matter of fact, rode to glory on the back of a Nazi-like army led by a goofy Sadaam Hussein doppleganger. "
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Metal Slug 3 review

Reviewed August 13, 2005

goldenvortex says: "Not only does Metal Slug 3 offer the player an outrageous run-n-gun experience, it also shows the player the harsh and depressing reality of war…well, not really. Unless you count giant crabs, zombies, mutated Venus flytraps and eels called Wanda as the reality of war. If you do, then Metal Slug 3 may be the most realistic war game you will ever play. On the other had, if you do think this, I recommend you visit a psychologist, or, better yet, wait for four years so I can give you a free..."
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Metal Slug 3 review

Reviewed May 26, 2007

pickhut says: "Marco Rossi. Tarma Roving. Eri Kasamoto. Fio Germi. "
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