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DoDonPachi (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Arcade
Tags: Shooter, Scrolling, Vertical
Developer: Cave
More Platforms: PlayStation, Saturn


DoDonPachi (Arcade) screenshotDoDonPachi (Arcade) screenshotDoDonPachi (Arcade) screenshot

Reader Reviews

DoDonPachi review

Reviewed March 19, 2004

dogma says: "Take your average vertical shooter with its overused spaceships with their pellet-shooters. Now bring it to life. Add a giant frickin piss laser and the result is DoDonPachi (translated roughly to “The DonPachi,” or “The asskicker”), an exercise in excess that presents insane bullet-dodging challenge and the single most devastating weapon ever put at the disposal of the player. I'm not talking about some puny bullets being shot out; I'm talking about a never-ending stream of agonizing ..."
dogma's avatar

DoDonPachi review

Reviewed September 26, 2004

goldenvortex says: "Do Don Pachi is packed with ecstasy, not the brain rotting drug but the mixed feelings of apprehension, excitement and anger. The three combined create an unknown emotion that seems to be locked inside the human system, until one plays Do Don Pachi. Once you have experienced the ride that is Do Don Pachi you will never forget it, the firing of the ships cannon, the array of tanks and planes as they surround the one solitary ship floating over the wrecked world. There is no going back, it’s ..."
goldenvortex's avatar

DoDonPachi review

Reviewed June 18, 2004

snowdragon says: "What is DoDonPachi? If you answered ''a shooter,'' you are wrong. Go home, go directly home, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. "
snowdragon's avatar

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