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Bokosuka Wars

Bokosuka Wars (XSX) game cover art
Platform: NES
Tags: Action, Fantasy
Developer: Unknown


Bokosuka Wars (NES) imageBokosuka Wars (NES) screenshotBokosuka Wars (NES) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Bokosuka Wars review

Reviewed April 09, 2013

David Owen says: "Everybody loses when they play Bokosuka Wars."
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Reader Reviews

Bokosuka Wars review

Reviewed February 06, 2004

bloomer says: "Fear. Dread. BOKOSUKA. "
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Bokosuka Wars review

Reviewed September 24, 2005

mariner says: "You'll find no attempts at a witty introduction here, as I'm sure you heard them all already. The constant declarations of "Worst Game Ever," the ridiculous "I'd rather promote massive bodily harm on myself than play this again," and the ever annoying "what kind of illegal substances were the developers ingesting?" have been told far too often. Besides, none of them are true. The developers weren't in an altered state, just lazy and unaware of one or two major design flaws. Playing the game ..."
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Bokosuka Wars review

Reviewed May 26, 2008

whelkman says: "You stand alone in strange forest, all area devoid of color except for the few trees and shrubs ahead. You set upon your quest to kill the irritating Lizard King who boggles his eyes at your kingdom. Hark, a gremlin-foe ahead! You charge the weak-looking beast and clash swords. The gremlin quickly fells you. You are dead. In hell, a giant Lizard King chases you around with his pennant and walking cane chanting, ''WOW! YOU LOSE!'' 

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