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The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 2: Give No Shelter (PlayStation 3) artwork

The Walking Dead: Michonne - Episode 2: Give No Shelter (PlayStation 3) review

"The PS3 version of The Walking Dead: Michonne is literally broken"

I don't know what to say about this one. The PS3 version of The Walking Dead: Michonne is literally broken. It still has the same horrible frame skipping and long loading in the middle of action scenes and huge pauses wherever there shouldn't be one (such as when you choose to do a simple action or mid-swing in a fight scene). In fact, these standard Walking Dead problems are worse than ever in this edition. But this time around there are also some truly experience ruining glitches. The game froze on me twice, causing me to have to hard-reset the PS3. Both times were during some of the game's most intense moments. There was also a section where textures on a whole bunch of zombies didn't load, making them white computery looking walking glitches. And then, during one of the Episode's lengthy, key scenes, one character's model loaded with his torso sticking out of the floor as if he were walking in mud. The camera and other characters interact with him extensively as if he is in a normal position, making a long, dramatic, and pivotal scene comically stupid and also unintelligible.

In most Walking Dead episodes, the myriad technical problems don't slow things down quite enough to ruin the overall experience, but this time they really do. I can't even remember clearly a lot of what happened; things were so jittery and distractingly slow that the scenes were actually hard to understand. The writing on this episode seemed better than Episode One, and it was starting to draw me in. It's still leagues worse than a standard Walking Dead episode, but at least it was improving. But I know I didn't absorb this episode like I normally do, and because so, so many of its scenes were ruined by skipping, slow loading mid action, mis-loaded character models, and even having to restart the system, it's going to be hard for my mind to piece together what went down last time when we get to the upcoming concluding episode. I don't know if the episode is this broken on every platform or if it is just suffering from being forced onto PS3 when it is now being developed primarily for PS4 and other higher end systems. I suspect it's probably a bit of both. I'd be shocked to find out it ran perfectly smoothly on something else since I've always had problems with all the episodes for years now. It would also shock me if it didn't run better on PS4 and other high end systems. If it's going to play like this, it would be much better if they just didn't release it on PS3 at all. Telltale is tarnishing its good name by putting out truly sloppy versions of its games. This episode is a 2 out of 5.

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Community review by Robotic_Attack (April 21, 2016)

Robotic Attack reviews every game he plays... almost.

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EmP posted April 25, 2016:

Just going to run through a few little errors that jumped out at me:

…such as when you choose to do a simple action or mid swing in a fight scene

mid-swing. Though the entire thing sounds a little awkward. Try something like:

It still has the same horrible frame skipping and long loading times in the middle of action scenes with huge pauses present should you undertake even a simple action, or even cutting out mid-swing in the midst of a quick time event.

…and then, during one of the episodes lengthy, key scenes


…one character's model load with his torso sticking out of the floor


… The writing on this episode seemed better than episode one

Episode One in caps.

…so many of it scenes were ruined by skipping


Otherwise, you’re not alone in having this game crap out on you. I played it on the PC and was besieged with issues. I fixed this by turning Telltale’s cloud support off in the options menu and things magically cleared right up. The episode was still pretty subpar, but it stopped crashing every few minutes at least. Which was a plus.

With only one episode left, I’m not banking on anything substantial happening to redeem the miniseries.
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Roto13 posted April 30, 2016:

I played it on PS4 and it ran fine. I think they're focusing on current gen consoles and PC now and just shoehorning everything onto last gen, which is pretty lame. Either do it right or don't do it.
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Robotic_Attack posted May 07, 2016:

Thanks for the proof reading, I only do a very brief double check my self before publishing. I implemented most of the changes you suggested. I think I might switch to playing on PC for season 3, but I am worried about my choices not being right...

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