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Two Worlds: Epic Edition (PC) artwork

Two Worlds: Epic Edition (PC) review

"Two World’s idea of emphasising a high point is to drown you in it"

I went into Two Worlds on the back of some very mixed reviews, not expecting a lot from it. It was the ideal mind-set and I found myself very pleasantly surprised by how much this game has going for it. By today’s standards, it’s fair to say that the graphics are outdated, just as it’s fair to say that running it on maximum setting does provide some eye-catching moments. Some of the scenery is unpredictably beautiful, but an unfortunate pop-in habit and a noticeably short draw distances do ruin that effect.

This is the story through the whole game. Every single thing I loved about Two Worlds offers a downside - usually directly related to the thing I loved. I loved the way the weapon/armour levelling system worked - BUT - as there are literally hundreds of bits of equipment, you never know which items to keep and which to sell. I loved the diverse array of different environments on offer –BUT - I spent five-ten minutes exploring a new area and then half an hour shuffling inventory. You can build up your character’s strength, which helps expand the weight cap of items you can carry, but once your inventory screen is full, it’s full. You cannot carry anymore regardless of how much spare weight you can manage, and it fills out fast. I loved the large map, with virtually every environment you could think of included - BUT - there were extraordinarily bland expanses included offering nothing but empty stretches of forest, grassland or sand. Often, you’ll discover mountain ranges devoid of anything of note and only offering one route to bypass.

Two World’s idea of emphasising a high point is to drown you in it. Even considering its (sadly obligatory) downside, the range of weapons, armour and even enemies is staggering. Even with the occasional dull area to traverse, there are lots of diverse environments to explore after you’ve weathered them. Even the dungeons don't seem 'samey'; you’ll be making new discoveries after delving into a number of them. It pre-dated Skyrim with its short(er) main quest lines that you can chose to ignore by taking on 'mini' quests offered up by NPCs. The enemies level up with you, so, every time I started to feel invincible, I encountered a new foe who either gave me a damn good fight or made me run off with my tail between my legs (to come back later with better weapons.)

I appreciate the ability to play the game as a medieval Rambo, to be a wizard or an archer, or indeed ANY combination of the three at any one time! The best thing I loved was the fact that even at a hundred hours of gameplay, with 90% of the (large) map covered and almost all the quest lines completed, I was STILL not only finding new places to explore and enemies to take on, but retaining enough interest to seek them out. And it's the ONLY game I've played where walking through snow actually sounds like walking through snow! You can’t tell me that’s not a huge selling point.

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Community review by Stryker-SixNine (March 03, 2016)

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