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Invisible, Inc. (PC) artwork

Invisible, Inc. (PC) review

"A very fun game that offers something a little different"

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The biggest problem I had with Invisible, Inc. is the short time frame the main campaign is based on. You have 72 hours to gather your forces and prepare yourself for the final showdown. The very first mission you do takes 10-12 hours off that clock.

While that doesn't exactly lend itself to in-depth gameplay, allowing you time to figure out the mechanics, that doesn't matter. Every time you fail, and your spy agency is destroyed, you gain experience. Rack up enough experience, and it unlocks new Agents and Programs.

What I found worked very well for learning the game though, is the Custom campaign mode. You can use it to configure just about every aspect of the missions, from the number of safes and consoles available to hack, to the number of guards on duty, and even what the alarm does. You can even set it to Endless mode, which takes away the three day time limit.

Invisible, Inc. (PC) image

I don't recommend sticking to Custom though. Changing all these options is great for learning how to play, but it does take away the actual storyline.

As for the style of gameplay, it's like a cross between Evil Genius, and XCOM. Evil Genius in that you have the world map, and select your missions on there, and XCOM in that the missions themselves are turn-based and have the same top down view that XCOM has. Unlike XCOM though, you are not there to shoot stuff. In fact, if you have to shoot stuff, chances are you're losing.

Killing, or even tasering, is a last resort. You really want to stealth it, sneak around behind the guards, picking their pockets as you go, but try not to kill them. Even if you stun them, they wake up after a few rounds and go hunting for you. Not the most ideal situation to be in.

All in all, a very fun game that offers something a little different.

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Community review by Bort (February 07, 2016)

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