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Splatterhouse 2

Splatterhouse 2 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Genesis
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: Now Production
AKA: Splatter House Part 2 (JP)

Splatterhouse 2 (Genesis) imageSplatterhouse 2 (Genesis) imageSplatterhouse 2 (Genesis) image

Staff Reviews

Splatterhouse 2 review

Reviewed December 20, 2003

Marc Golding says: "In the first game, Rick's girlfriend Jennifer was spirited away from his underdeveloped arms right before his pimply face, creamy with bursting whiteheads. The Hell Mask appeared to provide delicious two-fold resolution. He donned the evil, false visage and it took hold of him, charging teenage bone, sinew and muscle, until a fearless full grown murderer of the undead was forged (plus, it hid his acne). "
Masters's avatar

Splatterhouse 2 review

Reviewed October 26, 2010

Sho says: "The controls are stiffer than one of its endless supply of corpses, and the average level is a short, uninspired advance from left to right punching identical hordes of muck-encrusted undead while occasionally hopping over a hole in the floor. There's only one reason this cartridge wasn't totally lost to the shadows of mediocrity – it has enough gore to fill a swimming pool."
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Reader Reviews

Splatterhouse 2 review

Reviewed March 13, 2005

goldenvortex says: "Splatterhouse was a fantastic gore-fest, packed with rotting body parts, blood stained hallways and gruesome monsters intent on ripping your guts out. It spawned a mass of controversy on its release and was ripped from arcades shortly after. This bloodbath was also ported to the Turbo-grafx 16, a great port that had a few things edited because of a Satanic reference, an upside down crucifix. It was an original platformer and was one of the first games that dared to go down paths that many games ..."
goldenvortex's avatar

Splatterhouse 2 review

Reviewed January 20, 2006

lilica says: "I don’t like Splatterhouse 2. I was planning to mock its sloppy control and limited moveset. I was planning to attack its stricter-than-Altered Beast linearity. I was even planning to poke fun at the sanitized pastel ichor that bursts from every beast (a far cry from the original’s frightening decor). With the above palette of problems, I was planning to paint the most unflattering picture of Splatterhouse 2 that the internet has ever seen. "
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