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Title: Games I've been meaning to review summed up in three sentences
Posted: October 26, 2009 (10:56 PM)
Because two isn't challenging enough.

Heavenly Sword
I don't trust American Voice Acting, which is okay because Heavenly Sword lets you play it in French. It also features the best crowd scenes of any game. Shame it features some of the worst boss fights.


FF Dissidia
The story plays like a collection of “what is this Final Fantasy character going to whine about?” For some of the characters this works fine, namely Tidus and Squall. Then you get to kill them.


The Darkness
I really enjoyed watching To Kill a Mockingbird. Definitely one of the finest films to have ever been made. Then I remembered I had a terrible game to beat.


Uncharted 2
By far the best acting I've ever seen in a video game. The gunplay isn't quite as good as it could be. At times I think I would actually like the game better if it were just a movie with multi-player attached as a side option.


Uncharted 1
Not as good as Uncharted 2. In fact, the only reason I really want to go back and play it again is because I'm playing through Uncharted 2 and I miss Sully. Sully is awesome.


Persona 4
Persona games would be a hell of a lot better if they didn't force you to run through mindless dungeons power grinding. And the power grinding would be a lot better if it wasn't set to Japanese Pop. So you'd basically be left with a dating sim where you play as a creepy kid who has seizures.


Persona 3
A choose your own adventure where every choice leads to the same damn page. This format is combined with a dating sim where you are rewarded for wooing a girl with getting to see her room (and nothing else) and a big ol' dungeon that has 100 floors of exactly the same room over and over. It's no wonder it took me a year and a half to beat the thing.


Batman Arkham Asylum
For being a game centered around some of the best villains to grace the pages of comic books, the boss fights sure do suck in Batman Arkham Asylum. Also, once you get the three-at-once batarangs, the game becomes completely unfair. Then again, it wouldn't feel like Batman if he wasn't invincible.


Crisis Core
It's a game based around a character who gets mentioned twice in the entire course of FF7. A large part of the plot revolves around an advertisement for a play that you see out of the corner of your eye in one scene in FF7. The combat revolves around hitting the same button a thousand times and maybe leveling if you're lucky enough to win a lottery.


Fallout 3
One day people will realize how boring this game is. Fallout 3 is a lot like going to the same movie over and over again. It's not a very good movie, but it's got Liam Neeson in it.


WilltheGreatUser: WilltheGreat
Posted: October 27, 2009 (12:20 AM)
I agree with your FO3 sentiments. Game is boring, Neeson is awesome.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: October 27, 2009 (09:49 AM)
I find it depressing how in real life I have to make a conscious effort to leave the house and do stuff sometimes whereas in Persona 3, my silent protagonist had his scheduler overflowing within two months and already has one person pissed at him for not being able to split himself into two or three each Sunday.

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