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I'm an odd jobber with an even personality who isn't afraid to roll with the punches but prefers to dodge them when able.

Title: Sweet Sixteen (nudity again)
Posted: March 20, 2009 (01:55 AM)

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: March 20, 2009 (02:15 AM)
Odd to think that when she played that role in "American Beauty," Mena Suvari was really 20 years old. It's also interesting that she made "American Pie" and "American Beauty" in the same year. Both were portrayals of America at the time from very different angles. Her characters in those two films were quite different from one another.

You call her a slut in "American Beauty," but remember that at the end of the movie, she reveals *spoiler* that she's a virgin. So perhaps it's not entirely fair to call her a slut. She's more like a slut in training, or a girl who behaves in a promiscuous manner.

Anyway, she's only a little over a month older than me, which puts her at something like 30. I haven't seen anything of her since "American Beauty," even though she's been acting in a lot of movies, unless you count a few scens of "The Musketeer" that I caught when my wife was watching it. I've just never thought of her as a particularly great actress. In all likelihood, by the time she dies she still won't have topped her performance in "American Beauty."

zippdementiaUser: zippdementia
Posted: March 21, 2009 (04:51 AM)
I'm definitely aware that she's not REALLY a slut... that's the great reveal that makes our excuses (and Lester's) worthless. It's a great moment when he pulls her pants back on ^_^

I was wary of giving away spoilers, even for such a well known film.

AB is definitely her best film. And it had a lot to do with the direction.

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