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zippdementia I'm best known for my extensive work in the fields of this and that. I tend to be better at that, though I have more fun with this.

I'm an odd jobber with an even personality who isn't afraid to roll with the punches but prefers to dodge them when able.

Title: The Lost (our film!)
Posted: November 22, 2008 (12:30 AM)
Our film is an hour long, took us a year to make, and premieres tomorrow (I'm DAMN nervous).

I produced, wrote, edited, acted, and helped direct the film. It's a Noir film about a hitman who goes back to do what he does against his will.

Here's some pictures from it:








honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: November 22, 2008 (01:53 AM)
Good luck with that!

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: November 22, 2008 (07:58 PM)
Yeah; I hope tonight goes/went well for you.

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