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zippdementia I'm best known for my extensive work in the fields of this and that. I tend to be better at that, though I have more fun with this.

I'm an odd jobber with an even personality who isn't afraid to roll with the punches but prefers to dodge them when able.

Title: The Rain seems a little heavier today
Posted: June 26, 2009 (06:50 PM)
Anyone else been following this game?

Heavy Rain looks INCREDIBLE. Like a GOOD version of Farenheight.

Wiki page
Some vids
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Title: It's massive
Posted: June 22, 2009 (09:24 PM)
By which I mean nothing entirely raunchy at all...

oh wait...

yes I do.

Invader Zim has great fans.
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Title: Steambot chronicles Post 1
Posted: June 20, 2009 (05:16 PM)
Oh man it's awesome. It even begins with a dream about Tentacle sex.

EDIT: man, the amount of conversation choices is impressive! Even NPCs wandering the street give you more options than most adventure games.

My current favourite was when I ran into a young pretty mechanic who offered to be my exclusive mechanic. I choose to ask her out at the same time and my character turned disgustingly sly and said something that amounted to "I like ALL my relationships to be exclusive... know what I mean?"

The ditzy girl got the picture, though.

"Sure I'll be your vehicle's girlfriend!" she exclaimed.

you had to be there.
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Title: Beat Bioshock
Posted: June 17, 2009 (10:38 PM)
Spent the day finally finishing it. What a piece of shit.

Seriously, how did that ever get Game of the Year?

Title: New review to appear soon
Posted: June 17, 2009 (07:06 PM)
Yeah, it's been a while since my last review, at least a week or two (which is a long time for me). So I grace you with what is perhaps an unexpected, if not particularly unique, review of Soul Blazer.

Or rather, the review itself does stand out from the others in terms of style and approach by quite a bit. But I'm surprised to see it is a very commonly reviewed game here.

It's a game that's very dear to my heart. I figured I'd submit it and see if I can't place in this week's ROTW. There's some stiff competition this week.
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Posted: June 14, 2009 (11:54 AM)
I have passed Wolf Queen on the top 50 list. All shall rejoice.
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Title: Will the Great, here's my MSN account
Posted: June 12, 2009 (04:53 PM)
It's runawayintothenight@hotmail.com

Go for it.
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Title: Shadow of the Collosi movie?
Posted: June 11, 2009 (12:02 AM)
It was reported that Sony Pictures would adapt Shadow of the Colossus into a film. Kevin Misher, producer of The Scorpion King, The Interpreter and the upcoming Dune film, is negotiating to produce. The script is being written by Justin Marks, who wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.
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Title: Finger doing fine, thanks for asking
Posted: June 06, 2009 (08:59 PM)
For those of you who asked, the finger is healing well. I still can't bend it very much, but I'm typing and gaming and playing piano just fine.
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Title: Two Quick Reviews
Posted: June 05, 2009 (01:26 AM)
First of all Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete. Alright, I'll be the first to admit that Advent Children was a disappointment. I had all these ideas for what they could've done better... then I found out that we were lacking 45 minutes of film for no good reason. Complete re-inserts this footage and... you know what? The movie is now awesome. You care about the characters, the translation is solid, the plot makes sense, the action is more dramatic, there's more death and blood and that... people who haven't played FF7 still won't care, but now at least fans of FF7 can be happy.

Oh, and it looks awesome on Blu-Ray. AND it has a very long video for FFXIII which is sweet. I can't wait for that game to come out. Better get me an HD TV fast.

Next up, we have Uncharted 2: Online Beta. Um... two words. FUCK. YEAH. I wasn't expecting this to be good. I groaned when I saw it was a third person online shooter. Then I noticed the controls were awesome, it employs a cover system that works, and it looks great.

Let me go over this in a bit more detail.

1) controls
Usually when I play online games, I feel that a good quarter of the deaths are due to stupid things, like not being able to tell who my team mates are, or poor aiming controls, or graphical issues. In Uncharted 2, the game is so willing to work with you that if you die, it's your own damn fault. No question about it. The game controls so well it's like telepathy between the gamer and the game. I just think what I want to do and my fingers make it happen through simple intuitive button control.

2) Cover system
Finally a cover system that actually provides cover. That everything can be used as cover encourages action play, where you rush and dodge, hide and heal, and blind fire to keep guys pinned. But it also is a boon for the sniping crowd because FINALLY you can actually hold down a sniping position without guys killing you by shooting at your hat. When you're behind cover, you're BEHIND cover. Cover actually forces people to use tactical movement to improve their firing position. That's what it should do.

3) graphics
Not so much the graphics as the animation. Uncharted 2 is the first game I've played which uses multiple animations for each action. So every time you duck behind cover, it's going to look a little different. Every time you get up and run, you run a little different. It gives the game a real movie quality, where you feel like you're watching actors taking your direction. One cool example is I was playing co-op mode (yeah, it's got a great co-op system, too) as a rugged adventurer type, and the female on my team ran past me. As she did so, she reached over and patted my ass. This wasn't done by the player, it was just a randomly activated animation. Makes the whole thing feel alive and immersive.

Anyways, it's good, I highly reccomend getting in on Beta if you can.
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Title: What? Metal Gear?!
Posted: June 02, 2009 (08:50 PM)

Translation here

As long as it's better than MGS4, I suppose I can support this.
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Title: Torture of multiple kinds
Posted: June 02, 2009 (06:16 PM)
I don't know how many of you have been following the torture stories concerning the treatment of Iraqi prisoners at US prisons, but it's certainly put a damper on my mood. I can't really say anything more meaningful than that right now. It's an act that goes beyond the meaning of words. My disgust and my sadness that people would treat others this way is overwhelming.

So instead I'll talk about another form of torture, Sacred 2.

I spent a lot of time writing and revising this review. I hope it works to show how uninspired this game is.
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Title: Big day tomorrow
Posted: May 29, 2009 (05:55 PM)
Tomorrow I've got two things to post, my review of Sacred 2 and the results of my first ROTW (or do I wait for Sunday to post that?)

Today I got three games for free.

God of War II (PS2)
Tomb Raider Anniversay (PSP)
Mega Man X Redux (PSP)

I also picked up Call of Duty 4 last week FUCKING FINALLY and love it just as much as Half Life 2. I'm also borrowing Uncharted, and I finally ordered Metal Gear Acid 2.

When it rains, it rains gold.
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Title: Zipp's first ROTW
Posted: May 29, 2009 (12:50 PM)
There will be candy, and jousts, and free hookers. It'll be great.
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Title: My Terminator Review gets Bashed!
Posted: May 24, 2009 (01:49 AM)
Apparently I'm retarded.
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Title: Sacred 2
Posted: May 23, 2009 (03:34 AM)
Well, I'm only a couple days in... but... I think I already know everything I'm going to say. It's an exceptionally large game, thought, so I'll probably give it another week or two of play time before reviewing, leaning more towards the 1 week rather than 2, unless something really drastic happens.

Some games give you everything up front. That's definitely Sacred 2. I'm not expecting any surprises.

But then again... who ever is?
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Title: Script tips
Posted: May 18, 2009 (12:35 PM)
First article in a while. This one's on tips for aspiring script writers.
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Title: Chrono Trigger fiction moving
Posted: May 16, 2009 (07:04 PM)
Not sure if anyone here has actually read my long-winded (but wonderfully brilliant ^_^) fiction concerning the gap between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

If you haven't... why not?

In any case, with HG's fiction segment shutting its doors, Chrono Break will be moving to Fan Fiction.net.

It will take some time to get all the parts up there, but I expect to be fully caught up within a week or two. Since I'm having to go back and repost many earlier parts, all parts have been slightly edited for continuity and style.

Eventually, I plan on a full rewrite, maybe even turning it into an original setting that could be published without fear of copyright infringement. But for now, the re-posted segments can be considered "final cuts."


Title: jesus f-ing christ it hurts
Posted: May 09, 2009 (08:52 PM)
I fell, badly. Bone through finfger. pain. writing with one hjand diifficult.
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Title: Worst DM Ever
Posted: May 06, 2009 (08:26 PM)
I used to read this in Eugene when I was feeling down. It's my all time favourite "worst DM" story.


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Title: Lewis: Pretentious Bastard Comp.
Posted: May 05, 2009 (01:26 PM)
Hey, Lewis, I think I'm missing a review here... are these all of them?

Bside- Pass your driving test
Hammer time- Lost Odyssey
Bloomer- REmake
Felix- Metal Slug
Ashultz- Deathlord fan fiction
WQ- Mother

And we're looking for evidence of a wider argument, correct?
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Title: When in Rome...
Posted: May 04, 2009 (03:38 PM)
In the spirit of helping HG to complete its compilation of reviews that no other site has, I've done my part for the Virtua Fighter series.

I don't care how bad the rest of them are. This is the worst.
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Title: Arkham Asylum
Posted: May 01, 2009 (02:57 AM)
I've been following the game for about a year now, and it's about time I make a blog post about it.

Especially since they re-uploaded the gameplay video over at youtube.

The scary thing about games these days is no matter how innovative or exciting they look, they can always be jacked up to shit. Still, all things considered, we can at least expect the best Batman game since the NES one.


A lot of bloggieness tonight from me.

Title: Indiana Jones sleeps with a 12 year old???
Posted: May 01, 2009 (02:12 AM)
Not to bury my own awesome articles (hint hint), but I had to share this awesome look at the Indiana Jones series and script writing in general:

Clicky clicky

It's been too long since I've written a real good script analysis like you see here. I think I'm going to go back into it. I miss my analytical college days.
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Title: Last of best of nudity!
Posted: May 01, 2009 (01:41 AM)
You knew it had to end at some point!

I spent a lot of time debating my final film. I think this was an appropriate choice. Hell, I could write a whole thesis based just off this film and the sexual metaphors.
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