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Title: A Challenge! Can I play too?
Posted: January 31, 2008 (03:31 PM)
Hey everyone!

So, word's around HG that there is some sort of alphabet review challenge.

Is this right? Can I win bragging rights in it?

If so, can I play too?

(Anyone have more info on this?)

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: January 31, 2008 (03:41 PM)
It's good to see that you're interested, zanzard. The topic for this competition basically says everything important, but I'll gladly cover its biggest points.

(1) Most importantly, anyone can join. This includes you. Please feel free to hop on.

(2) To "win" this event, you must write a review that starts with every letter of the alphabet (including #). That makes for a grand total of 27 reviews. It's a good way to encourage more writing, and it's also a good personal challenge.

(3) You have all year to partake in this event. Even if someone fills out all 27 slots before the year is over, there is plenty of reason to continue trying to fill out your own slots.

(4) And of course, there will be plenty of bragging rights to be had in this competition.

(5) All of this, including up-to-date rankings, is located in the appropriate topic listed on the review forum.


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