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wolfqueen001 Time for a change... I think this sums me up pretty well:

Things tend to turn out well when you worry, so that's probably good. - EmP

I still <333 wolves, though.

Title: Ugh. Kill me now.
Posted: August 23, 2009 (09:22 PM)
I just looked at my course load, and... while it has its advantages, they may not matter because of Wednesdays alone.

This is my schedule for Wednesday:

9:20 - 10:15 American Politics
I can't remmber why I'm taking this. This may be the class that crosses with philosophy, but I don't think it is. Interest, I suppose. And a strange desire to see just how ignorant about our own political system I really am.

10:25 - 11:15 Composition & Conversation II
Yay - let's hear it for rounding out my Spanish minor! God Bless that Mallorca program.

12:35 - 1:25 Political Theory
Yes, I decided to try and pull a minor in poli-sci. Plus one of these counts as a philosophy course, so I'll be done with philosophy after this, unless I decide to minor in that too. Because I can.

2:00 - 4:30 Junior Colloquium
Where I learn how to write advanced history papers. It's a course I could've used before taking the English history class last semester but ouldn't because only juniors and higher are allowed to take it. But, well, hopefully it'll help now, anyway. I'll need the knowledge for my other history class this semester, I'm sure. Still, it's writing intensive.....

7:00 - 9:30: Social & Political Philosophy
That's 7 in the evening, thanks. I'm not even sure I'll like the class... Some of the coursework looked interesting, but others didn't. I may be too reminded of that anthropology class I took, which was interesting but... just a little beyond me, I think. Who knows.


Good God. I'm insane. The one good thing about this schedule is that I have Tuesday open, and only one class on Thursday, which is another (2 hour) history class about pirates that's being taught by like my favorite prof here. But still, those first three classes I have Monday and Friday as well as Wednesday... so that's not too comforting. But at least they get out in the early afternoon, I guess.

....Five classes in one day... Six in total... Three that only occur once a week for 2 hours which means a lot of stupid reading and whatever else. Oh boy.

Well, guess we'll see how this goes. Pray for my soul. Or better yet, my sanity. I'll surely need it.

bluberryUser: bluberry
Posted: August 23, 2009 (10:57 PM)
do I even need to post my schedule before I can make fun of you?

here's my Monday.

9:00am, grad algebra
10:00, some stupid poli sci class
1:00pm, physics
2:00, grad real analysis
6:30, number theory

thank whatever imaginary friend you prefer I'm taking 5 out of 7 classes I'm going to like, though. physics is the easiest way to get out of the science requirement since most of the sections are for retarded med students and I jerk off to differential equations, while that poli sci class seems to be the most dignified way to get the cultural diversity requirement done. algebra, analysis, number thy, knot thy, and apps of abstract algebra should be cool.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: August 23, 2009 (11:51 PM)
My schedule:


bluberryUser: bluberry
Posted: August 24, 2009 (12:04 AM)
I left something out.

11pm: your mom.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: August 25, 2009 (02:33 PM)
Just 40 hour work weeks for me, which feels like a right blessing after my previous job which paid me for 40 hours but, through a combination of sneaky little smart tricks, had me work closer to 50. Something snapped when I saw my boss' new car and realized how that money had been earned.

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