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wolfqueen001 Time for a change... I think this sums me up pretty well:

Things tend to turn out well when you worry, so that's probably good. - EmP

I still <333 wolves, though.

Title: Last Day
Posted: June 12, 2009 (12:52 PM)
Well, today's the last day here, in Spain before I make the agonizing 18hour journey home. I'll say that I've had a great time here, and probably learned more Spanish here than all my years of schooling combined, but that's cool.

Since last I posted, I.... wow. Having that memory issue again... maybe it's from the sun. lol

I know I did a lot of school related stuff. I know I also had been winding down my adventuring these past couple of weeks, so maybe I didn't do a whole lot. I know I went to the beach a few more times, including today. I also know I haven't seen very many tourists since Formentor, which was odd. It's like they all vanished. Or maybe it's just because I haven't gone to as many exotic places. There were some tourists at the place we went to today, though.

I also remember going to a concert last Friday. It was Argentinian tango or something, haha, which I suppose is a bit odd since you'd think I'd see something Spanish, but not really. My host mom's Argentinian anyway. And that Sunday we had friends over... Had them over a lot, which was nice, especially since one of them was my previous host mother who's really cool.

Ah. Somewhere in there, I'd gone to the pool at the university... which was strange considering there's a beach. Anyway, the pool was constructed like one of those Olympic swimming pools only not as large or deep, though it was still deep enough in all sections except for the kids' section and classes area that I couldn't touch the bottom, which kind of sucked because I can't swim very well and I get tired easily. Also, because of its structure, all I could really do was swim laps, which was kind of boring but good exercise, so it was alright.

Don't really remember what I did between the first of June and the 4th of June, though. Odd.

Anyway, things I still need to do:

WRite a review for MOTO because I only have less than a day now. Since I really don't feel like working on it during the ten hours I'll be in London. I'll probably be too tired, anyway. I plan on just sleeping on a bench or something with my Spanish phone as an alarm clock. Let's hear it for looking like a bum, yayayayayayay!!! Hahaha. Of course, I may just choose to do what I did last time and wander around aimlessly looking at stuff, sleeping sporadically for half an hour, and reading.

Also not sure about wireless access. I know when I was there last time I saw I had to pay for internet, so... why'd they put free wireless in would be beyond me. So if I don't finish the review tomorrow before I leave, we're royaly boned. lol This'll be the closest deadline I've ever made since that time I wrote Bad Dudes for drella's contest, but this time it has a consequence!

The other thing I need to do is pack. That'll take a while and cut into my review time. Goody.

Also a note for when I go home, my activity will fall off sharply. I've been surprisingly active here despite all the things I've been doing, so even if I've been less here than I am at school, it'll decrease noticeably at home. I've explained this before, but with TT underway, I want to make this clear again. This is thanks to the useless dial up connection at my house which makes me afraid to be on more than an hour or so each day because it blocks the phone line. Also, my parents' atttude about me being on the internet doesn't help my desire to be there, either. I'll still try for frequent trips to the library like I did last year, but then I'll only be on two hours at a time, but at least I'll have AIM. I'm also going to try and find a job at home. That might make my parents care less about internet activity. I also need money because now I'm broke thanks to this trip. (It was totally worth it, though)

Anyway, we'll see how things go, I guess. Might post something in a few days after I recover from not sleeping (much) for 24 hours and jet lag (if I get it going home).

P.S: I still wonder where EmP stayed when he was here. Fascinating that all he could find to do was play golf and drink. =P

P.P.S: I have an AWESOME tan.

LancunUser: Lancun
Posted: June 14, 2009 (09:49 PM)
Hooray awesome tan? Lol, sunlight burns warlocks like me, so I can't relate...or was that vampires and the sun just scares me like the Anglo package of the east.. Pshhh...the decay of Eastern society can have the sun rise with them all they want, they'll never be as awesome as the standard American lunatic...nor shall you, since you're now infected with "the Euro package", even if you're home, you'll never be the same

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: June 16, 2009 (11:15 AM)
Haha. That was all very confusing.

Haha. You might be right, though. Maybe I won't be the same. But, well, I change and adapt with wherever I am, so I'm flexible, I guess. Who knows. Promise you my personality hasn't really changed any, though. =P

P.S: You rock for posting in this.

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