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wolfqueen001 Time for a change... I think this sums me up pretty well:

Things tend to turn out well when you worry, so that's probably good. - EmP

I still <333 wolves, though.

Title: Stress
Posted: April 08, 2009 (06:55 PM)
Stress messes you up. Seriously. Like... really bad. My whole day was ruined today because of it... The backlash from the events of the past few days finally caught up with me, and today I was just utterly exhausted. I had no energy - all I wanted to do was sleep all day (and for the most part, I did). I had a headache all day (it's still there now actually), and it also produced some discomfort in my joints, particularly my knees. But that last thing could also have to do with the sheer amount of walking I did yesterday because I only had about 8 million things to do....

On top of that, there's like 8 million other things I need to worry about... School's almost taken a backseat to all this study abroad stuff I've been doing... Which is bad because I have 2-3 papers coming up at the end of the semester... one of them I only just started getting ideas for, and the other - that stupid history paper I drafted ages ago - I'm going to have to completely rewrite it, I'm sure, because it blows. Then there's something in theology I need to do... but... I'm not even sure what that is yet.

As for the studying abroad situation, yesterday I just dropped off some required forms and paid the expensive program fee... I still need to get proof of international coverage (called the place yesterday and they're sending a letter), and sign up for classes if I ever get the e-mail telling me I can do so... at which point I'll need to pay like 3k in tuition. Out of my own pocket. Of course, 1000 of this might be paid off by financial aid, but in order to secure my financial aid for next year, the school has asked me to provide verification... which, to me, suggests that I did something wrong when filing the FAFSA this year... which is entirely probable. I really hope I can keep all the aid that was estimated to me for next year, though, because if I do, I only have to take out like $3500 in loans. (!!!)

But I'm also worrying about getting this silly plane ticket, too... and that's what I think is giving me the most stress right now. All of them have layovers with one or two stops... and, because of the convenience of the one-stop ones, every time I do a search for tickets, there are less and less of those... I'm trying to see if I can fly with some students who are also going on this program with me, but it's been difficult, and with all the cheap and convenient tickets drying up, I'm tempted to just order one now and risk getting lost at the airport during transfer...

The other thing I'm waiting for, in regard to purchasing tickets, is the time I need to be there... The director said between 4-7 in the evening, but all the ones I've been looking at arrive at 7:30. Which might be alright, but I want to make sure...

All of these have layovers in London, too... which is why I figure... if I'm going to get lost anywhere, it might as well be in England. At least they speak the same language. I'll deal with language barrier stress when I actually get to Mallorca for Christ's sake. But these are also drying up; soon all the one-stoop layovers will be in Germany only and then I will weep in silence because I was too indecisive.

See, I've never flown on a plane before anywhere, so... I'd rather not go alone, but I will if I have to. Hope my group can respond in time, though... I'm giving them two days... less if I see that all these fares keep disappearing even more.

So yeah... stress sucks. Look what it's done to me. I'm worn out again. Like worse than before break. And break wasn't even that long ago. x.x

EDIT: Funnily enough, I think I'm more worried about actually getting there than what'll happen once I'm there... Like, at least when I'm there, I know we'll all be together and in contact with each other, so it's not as troubling.

randxianUser: randxian
Title: Woah...
Posted: April 08, 2009 (08:58 PM)
Wow. You really are going through a lot.

What's funny is there are times when I thought I would trade college for the working world, but then you remind me of thsoe blasted term papers and what not. I forgot just how stressful college life can be.

Anyway, I think once this is all over with, you will at least enjoy your trip. You certain deserve to.

espigaUser: espiga
Posted: April 09, 2009 (03:44 AM)
A word of advice: When doing a flight with multiple stops, just make sure you'll be flying with the same airline (or alliance of airlines) if you can. Generally, you won't need to change terminals if you don't have to change airlines. Since it's an international flight, you might have to head to a different concourse or something, but most airports have displays everywhere with flight numbers, gates, and departure times listed. Be calm and take a deep breath, and try not to worry too much. You'll do fine; flying is much easier than it seems to be at first glance. =]

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: April 10, 2009 (02:04 PM)
Thanks. I'm sure I'll be perfectly happy once I get there and everything's settled and such.

I just booked my flight on Orbitz. I have to change flights, but the layover's like 4 hours and 50 minutes, so... that's a lot of time. I hope. It's also an e-ticket... which... I've never heard of. I hope that works out fine. I also hope the transaction went through properly, though so far it seems to. =/

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