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wolfqueen001 Time for a change... I think this sums me up pretty well:

Things tend to turn out well when you worry, so that's probably good. - EmP

I still <333 wolves, though.

Title: Man, next semester's going to be rough.
Posted: November 20, 2008 (12:48 PM)
Being a sophomore, I couldn't register for all the classes I wanted.... but... I realized that hopefully I'll be able to take them next year, and instead replaced them with back ups or other classes that fill other requirements.

Here's my schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are easy-ish....

9:20-10:10 Statistics 103
Thankfully, this is the one class that's not a replacement for something else.

10:25-11:15: Philosophy of Science
I'm going to hate this class. I've just been informed that it can't count for both philosophy AND science, which would've been nice because neither of those subjects interest me. I'm making this count for my science, though, since I need two and I already took Psych 101 last semester which counted towards it. I was planning on taking this class sometime in the future, but I have to take it now because the awesome Philosophy classes that fill three requirements have already been taken.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be a bitch, especially Thursdays, though. I'll literally have no free time, at all. Between classes will be for eating and charging my computer.

10:00-11:15 Spanish 104
Oh, yeah. This is another class I'd wanted to take... but i'd've liked it on a MWF, since that's ideally how I like my Spanish classes. Unfortunately, the teacher I want isn't teaching on those days next semester.

1:00-2:15 Introduction to Islam
Yeah... I'm in a Catholic university - I'm required to take to theology classes. Fortunately, they can be on anything. I'm taking one on religions of Japan right now, and I figured I may as well knock the last one out, too. Besides, both crosslist with my international studies major, which is nice. Hopefully the class will be interesting.

Thursday: 4:15-6:45 The History of England to 1485
It's an odyssey! I've only ever taken a 2 hour-long class like this once before. It was for linguistics and it was challenging. Anyway, this was literally the only British history class left open. Which is fine, I guess, since all the other ones are more modern. And this way I fill my 300 level pre-European history course. Still, I would've preferred a more forgiving time... Eating will be hard since the dining halls close around 7. But I did it last semester, so I'll probably manage.

Granted, last time I did it, the majority of the semester wasn't winter.... but this was literally the last section that was open. ...this is going to be fun.

We better talk about Hadrian's Wall. And Beowulf. Or else.

Fortunately, most of these are classes I'm interested in. Except for the statistics and philosophy, I should have fun. I predict the most difficulty will come from the philosophy and theology classes.

bluberryUser: bluberry
Posted: November 20, 2008 (10:46 PM)
yeah, sounds rough.

let's swap schedules. you do real analysis, advanced linear algebra, and econometric methods for me.

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: November 20, 2008 (11:03 PM)
Haha. No; you keep your stupid ass-raping math courses, and I'll stick to thinking about humanity. We're completely different majors; we'd make each other fail college.

My main issue isn't necessarily the courses themselves, but the scheudle their in, anyway.

Posted: November 21, 2008 (02:14 AM)
American education always seems so random. I love how you can study introduction to Islam alongside Spanish 101.

I think there was probably a reason that early British history was still open. This is ALL that happens: Romans, Vikings, Norman Conquest, Magna Carta. All the interesting stuff happens after 1400!

zippdementiaUser: zippdementia
Posted: November 21, 2008 (02:22 AM)
Let's swap. YOU play Legendary, and I'll read Beowulf.


wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: November 21, 2008 (07:43 AM)
Random? Nah. I like to call it well-rounded. Haha. Besides, I need all that Spanish for my major, and I plan on minoring in it.

What's really random is the science and math requirements for a liberal arts major. That's random.

You forgot the 100 Years War. And the Plague. Those happened, too. Actually, I think it was pretty popular aside, since there was only one section left and only like 11 seats left available in it. Out of like 40.

Zipp: What's Legendary? I already read Beowulf in high school, but I don't feel like swapping if it's not worth it. Plus Beowulf rocks.

zippdementiaUser: zippdementia
Posted: November 21, 2008 (10:53 AM)
Legendary is the terrible first person shooter I'm currently reviewing.

It's not actually as bad as everyone says, but it sure ain't as good as Beowulf.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: November 21, 2008 (12:03 PM)
Until abut 5 minutes ago I thought this "Legendary" Zipp keeps on talking about was Halo.

My schedule is easier than all of yours. Gotta love the final semester. Plus I just made it easier!

Hume, Kant 18th century
Intro Managerial Economics
Theater Appreciation (this one should be tricky)
SAS (1 credit lab that lasts 5 weeks)

Plus some independent math or economics research and might replace Cryptography with either real analysis 2 or complex variables.

darketernalUser: darketernal
Posted: November 22, 2008 (11:58 AM)
I have most of those things up there. I hate Kant. Hume too. Economics probably the most. Damn it, I hate it all. Blah.

LewisUser: Lewis
Posted: November 24, 2008 (04:52 PM)
I struggle to understand how the American university system works.

I mean, I study Linguistics, with a specialist area of Sociolinguistics as of this year. I also take classes in film, but that's pretty much optional - I could have just taken more linguistics classes if I wanted, basically.

But you lot seem to do a bit of everything under the sun.

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: November 24, 2008 (07:05 PM)
Huh. So you guys, when you go to college, just take classes based on your major? What about if you don't know your major?

I honestly think we have to take "core" classes (that is, all the excess stuff not related to our major) because it makes us more well-rounded, knowledgable and builds character (or whatever their reasoning is). Some of the core things I agree with... since some of them can be useful, but... not all of them. However, I also think it'd be way more convenient for me if I just had to take my major/minor classes.

Who knows, maybe for being so "well-rounded" (which also gives me a sense of security for some reason), we also sacrifice more depth with our majors. I've never been to a European school before, so I have no idea how in-depth your programs go.

Funnily enough, I found it quite shocking to hear that you don't have all these excess things. Like are your schools specialized or is that how they're just run?

LewisUser: Lewis
Posted: November 25, 2008 (01:30 AM)
"School" isn't a term we use for over 16s usually, either. We go Primary School (5-10), Secondary School (11-16), 6th Form / College (optional - 17-18), and then finally on to university.

That said, the universities will contain different "schools" that are sort-of independently run. So, for example, I technically attend Leeds University's School of Modern Languages and Cultures to study a programme of Linguistics & Phonetics BaH... although most of my classes are scattered around the campus. In fact, make that all of them. I don't enter my parent school for anything other than to submit papers.

I have about six hours of tuition per week in Linguistics, plus a further five in Film (though that's surprisingly high for an elective module, and half of it comprises screenings). That's just lecture and seminar time, though - all work is then done independently, either in one of the libraries or away from uni all together.

Usually after taking a variety of relevant classes (ie. within the programme of study, plus one unrelated elective per semester) in the first year, you can then opt to specialise at level 2, which is exactly what I did with my Sociolinguistics. Third year often consists primarily of a dissertation, which in our case is an original research project and ensuing paper.

Hope that clears it up a bit.

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