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wolfqueen001 Time for a change... I think this sums me up pretty well:

Things tend to turn out well when you worry, so that's probably good. - EmP

I still <333 wolves, though.

Title: So after nearly a week of waiting...
Posted: November 03, 2008 (03:47 PM)
I finally got my absentee ballot in the mail. My right to complain about the government for the next four years has been secured.

To celebrate, here's a song:

XD Isn't it adorable?

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: November 03, 2008 (06:45 PM)
I was too lazy to get an absentee ballot so I'm contemplating whether it's worth an hour of travel each way to vote for a third party candidate.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: November 03, 2008 (09:50 PM)
Bob Barr

LancunUser: Lancun
Posted: November 04, 2008 (10:26 PM)
Hay! Don't spread your political propaganda to yet another holy ground of neutrality, biatch! Now let's all agree that tonight didn't happen, replace McCain with Lan, and call for a do-over.

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