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wolfqueen001 Time for a change... I think this sums me up pretty well:

Things tend to turn out well when you worry, so that's probably good. - EmP

I still <333 wolves, though.

Title: Update: I'm not dead!
Posted: May 02, 2009 (05:33 PM)
But... I am extremely emotionally frail right now. Last week put me through so much that right now, I'll feel like I just want to break down one moment, and then feel like nothing at all or like sleeping the rest of the day or something without doing anything else the next.

I gave up crossing out the things on the list, mostly because it felt like a waste and I wanted to elaborate on them separately, so I'll do that here. Here's how last week went:

1: Finish this scientific controversy paper for philosophy: This took three days longer than I had intended to complete, at least one all-nighter, and several "lol, did I really sleep last night?" nights. However, the good news is, all that time spent on it made it super awesome. I just saw my grade today for it; it got top marks and the prof had nothing but praise for it, so that made me happy. Or it would if I weren't so worn out right now that the only thing I can feel is sadness (for some odd reason) and exhaustion.

2: Spanish final and Spanish placement exam: I managed to fail some parts of the Spanish review while studying, which is actually good because usually when I fail the review, I do 8x better on the test. As it happened here, while I wasn't sure how well I did, when I finished, checking my grade a few days later saw that I got a B on it, and so my A in the course remained.

As for the placement exam for Spain I had to took on the same day... It took like 5 hours... as opposed to the 40 minutes the program director had said it'd take. The test was harder than the final, so some sections probably got skimped on, especially the listening one which, towards the end, got really super hard and I just gave up and left a lot blank. I stayed up till 5 in the freaking morning finishing it.

3: Revise my history paper: Ugggh.... This I only started actual revising on Thursday... and carried over into yesterday where I spent the whole day and night (literally) fixing it. I wish I hadn't spent so much time on my philosophy paper because I feel like this really suffered for it. I'm not pleased with the paper at all; it feels like one of the worst things I've ever written, but, well, I tend to say that about a lot of things that I really need to do well on. The draft at least was a B+, so while that wouldn't convey to a straight up paper grade, it's still a sign that I was doing something right, I guess. Still, though, the sheer overhaul I had to do.... really took a lot out of me. And I felt like I didn't know what I was doing at all, especially since I was pushing it so late that I couldn't get anymore guidance. The paper was handed in (e-mailed) at 5:30 in the morning... and I'm just happy it's done. I'll find my grade out later, I guess.

4: Theology final: Well... I didn't have a whole lot of time to study for this, being busy with everything else. I managed to skim some notes Thursday and Friday without much retention. Taking the test yesterday, I felt I did alright, though I know I did miserably on the final essay question because I just didn't know as much as I needed to. I think the rest will be fairly decent, though, with a few points off here and there. My BSing skills are pretty good when I have enough background knowledge to actually BS appropriately.

5: Stats final: No time to study. But that's OK because I apparently wasn't supposed to take it today after all. I'll be taking it Monday, which is fine by me. That gives me tomorrow to study a bit more... though I don't think I'll be putting too much effort into it because I'm just done with everything right now. But at least this means I won't completely fail it.

6: Write a review: Big "lawl" indeed. I knew I wouldn't have time for it, but that's OK. I'm going to try writing one today and/or tomorrow if I can feel emotionally stable again.

7: Packing: Mom was supposed to come this morning... but I was too busy setting my alarm every hour after 7 in the morning because I'd gone to bed at 6 with the history paper to bother. She apparently called me like 8 times while I was doing something, and so she never came up. She'll be pissed that my final wasn't actually today, because that's the reason she didn't come back around, but whatever. In the meantime, I'll need to start packing some things up. That's not a big deal. Maybe it'll keep me from thinking so much. She's coming up tomorrow again anyway.

I guess I'll worry about Spain later... though I still need to register for courses for that. For the love of Christ. If I can't register till I'm at home, there's no way I'll be able to pay the tuition fee, I don't think, because I'll be at home and not here. And that's something that needs to be paid before I go. Well, I'll nag about it Monday, I guess, and see how that goes.

Here was my sleep schedule for last week, starting with Sunday because that's as far back as I can remember right now, though I will throw in that I'd stayed up all night that previous Wednesday studying for a history exam.

Sunday: Pissed that day away because I was so tired from I guess not sleeping, though Saturday I'd managed to go to bed around midnight, I think, for once. Anyway, went to bed at 2, but didn't really sleep because it was so shallow and restless. Just gave up at around five in the morning, but strangely felt energetic for writing my philosophy paper. Well, so much for finishing it that day. Haha.

Monday: Slept from 5 to about between 8-10 in the morning. Because I had a Spanish final. I don't remember when I actually woke up.

Tuesday: Stayed up all night writing my philosophy paper. Slept from like 7 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Went to bed at around 2:00... Spent the day sleeping and editing my paper. Couldn't do much else.

Thursday: Would've had a meltdown if it weren't for AIM, so I didn't do much that day either. Just worked a little on the history thing and tried studying a bit. Went to bed at around 2ish, but deliberately woke up at between 6-8 so I could work on history.

Friday: Spent all night working on the history paper. Crashed today from like 1-6 in the afternoon. I have a huuuuge headache. Or I did before I napped. Still there, though.

Think I'll try to re-regulate myself for the rest of my time here... I'm too worn out for anything else. Uggggh....
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Title: Things to do for finals week
Posted: April 27, 2009 (02:55 PM)
(that's this week)

1: Finish this scientific controversy paper for philosophy. Finished as of Thursday 4/30, three days after originally intended.

2: Study for Spanish final. Take Spanish placement exam for study abroad by tomorrow morning

3: Take Spanish final tomorrow at 1

4: Revise my history paper, which really needs it. Refocus it around Parliament because that's way cooler and more specific. Due Thursday; ask for an extension, lol

5: Somewhere find time to study for my theology final Friday

6: Somewhere find time to study for my Statistics final Saturday

7: Don't die

8: Write a review? lolololol what riiiiight

9: Pray I can get on AIM sometime before I have to leave because I'd like to unwind, thank you.

10: Don't die

11: Pray to some superior power that I don't go insane

12: Submit to that superior power utterly and admit my utter helplessness to do anything.

Oh, wait. That's off-tangent now.

13: Don't become an alcoholic. In fact, don't drink at all, despite how tempted I might be by the end of the week


14: Somehow find time to pack up all my things and leave.

15: Try not to melt or explode when my mom yells at me for not doing anything in regards to packing to leave or preparing for Spain beyond that which I've already done (at least I made photocopies and took care of the bureaucratic shit, though I'm still waiting for the incompetent registrar's office to send the program manager the permission numbers so we can actually sign up for classes, thanks).

16: Don't get a hernia (goes in with the "not dying" and "not drinking" thing)

I'll be OK! I think?!?! =D =D =D =D lololol

(Important Note: While to some of you it may look like I haven't really been "gone", I assure you that I haven't been around the internet that much recently at all. Though I will admit to pissing the whole day yesterday sleeping mainly because for whatever reason (I blame the weather),I was dead-beat tired and so didn't do any work, even when I was awake, save write the intro and a few sentences to this paper. Fortunately, I had the most restless sleep last night that I "slept" for maybe 2 hours, even though it didn't feel like it, so I just woke up pumped and wired today at like 5:30 in the morning despite how nonsensical that sounds. Also note, I did not add a number 17: "despair over lost day" because quite frankly, it's futile to do so - despair that is - and my prof is so merciful and flexible that it's amazing. God bless him.)
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Title: And today's courage award goes to...
Posted: April 16, 2009 (07:23 PM)
My history professor for teaching a 2 hour class with a migraine! Despite being somewhat loopy as a result of it (and possibly the painkillers she took for it), she still managed to teach quite competently, and only really struggled with remembering specific details about specific French and English dynasties, which she then remembered correctly anyway.

Kudos, and I'm really glad she didn't just cancel even though she probably had every right to because the 100 Years War is fun. Well... that and it's a 2 hour class, which means a lot of material gets covered... and there's only one week after this of regular classes... and there's stuff with the paper that I was worrying about...

Poor woman. I feel quite bad for her, though. That couldn't have been comfortable.
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Title: Stress
Posted: April 08, 2009 (06:55 PM)
Stress messes you up. Seriously. Like... really bad. My whole day was ruined today because of it... The backlash from the events of the past few days finally caught up with me, and today I was just utterly exhausted. I had no energy - all I wanted to do was sleep all day (and for the most part, I did). I had a headache all day (it's still there now actually), and it also produced some discomfort in my joints, particularly my knees. But that last thing could also have to do with the sheer amount of walking I did yesterday because I only had about 8 million things to do....

On top of that, there's like 8 million other things I need to worry about... School's almost taken a backseat to all this study abroad stuff I've been doing... Which is bad because I have 2-3 papers coming up at the end of the semester... one of them I only just started getting ideas for, and the other - that stupid history paper I drafted ages ago - I'm going to have to completely rewrite it, I'm sure, because it blows. Then there's something in theology I need to do... but... I'm not even sure what that is yet.

As for the studying abroad situation, yesterday I just dropped off some required forms and paid the expensive program fee... I still need to get proof of international coverage (called the place yesterday and they're sending a letter), and sign up for classes if I ever get the e-mail telling me I can do so... at which point I'll need to pay like 3k in tuition. Out of my own pocket. Of course, 1000 of this might be paid off by financial aid, but in order to secure my financial aid for next year, the school has asked me to provide verification... which, to me, suggests that I did something wrong when filing the FAFSA this year... which is entirely probable. I really hope I can keep all the aid that was estimated to me for next year, though, because if I do, I only have to take out like $3500 in loans. (!!!)

But I'm also worrying about getting this silly plane ticket, too... and that's what I think is giving me the most stress right now. All of them have layovers with one or two stops... and, because of the convenience of the one-stop ones, every time I do a search for tickets, there are less and less of those... I'm trying to see if I can fly with some students who are also going on this program with me, but it's been difficult, and with all the cheap and convenient tickets drying up, I'm tempted to just order one now and risk getting lost at the airport during transfer...

The other thing I'm waiting for, in regard to purchasing tickets, is the time I need to be there... The director said between 4-7 in the evening, but all the ones I've been looking at arrive at 7:30. Which might be alright, but I want to make sure...

All of these have layovers in London, too... which is why I figure... if I'm going to get lost anywhere, it might as well be in England. At least they speak the same language. I'll deal with language barrier stress when I actually get to Mallorca for Christ's sake. But these are also drying up; soon all the one-stoop layovers will be in Germany only and then I will weep in silence because I was too indecisive.

See, I've never flown on a plane before anywhere, so... I'd rather not go alone, but I will if I have to. Hope my group can respond in time, though... I'm giving them two days... less if I see that all these fares keep disappearing even more.

So yeah... stress sucks. Look what it's done to me. I'm worn out again. Like worse than before break. And break wasn't even that long ago. x.x

EDIT: Funnily enough, I think I'm more worried about actually getting there than what'll happen once I'm there... Like, at least when I'm there, I know we'll all be together and in contact with each other, so it's not as troubling.
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Title: Spain!
Posted: March 26, 2009 (07:38 PM)
I just got accepted into the Mallorca program through my school. So now the only things I really need to worry about are my passport actually getting here... which should be in another week or three... and finances.

Now that I'm accepted, they[re eager to start billing... The remainder of the program fee's like $1100... and tuition'll be like $4000ish. I... technically have the money in my checking account, but... that'll drain me considerably if I have to use all my money for the program. Fortunately, I think $1000 of that will be paid by financial aid... and maybe I can get the rest (or at least a fraction of it) from familial donations or something. I realy can't afford to take out loans for the summer, though, since I already do that during the year...

But still, I... guess I'll worry about that later. Haha. The important thing is, I should be pretty much set to go... I'm going to see what I'm getting myself into when I go to this orientation next week, so that should help.

I'm... so close... so close. =D

Title: Well, I've had a run of fantastic luck lately
Posted: March 18, 2009 (06:58 PM)
Or at least a lot of really good things have been happening lately.

After that passport fiasco, I decided to apply anyway upon learning that they'd accept a passport application receipt late. I just appled for my passport today after class, since my birth certificate and stuff finally came in yesterday. They predicted I should have it within two weeks (I expedited) if nothing goes wrong.

My judicial review still needs to be turned in for the summer abroad application yet, but that's alright because they know there's a huge backup on those since everyone under the sun turned there's in...

It's still highly possible that I'll get into the program despite being late because they were looking for 10 people to enter before processing applications (probably part of the reason for the "extensions"), and they might have just reached that number. A total of 30 can be accepted.

In academic news, I aced my theology midterm (53/55), and passed my stats test with an 84 (out of like 88, I guess he took the points out of... so that includes the bonus). I have a B+ in that class which is great. If I can keep that I'll be happy. But a lot of this seems to rely on bonuses on tests, so... hopefully I can either get better or hope the teacher gives extra points for missing class again or something like he's been doing. I also got a 23/25 on my philosophy paper... and a 92% on the midterm. And *phew* My Spanish grade is still an A despite worrying about this composition I had to write but didn't have time to run by him for proofing... Did well enough on that anyway.

Hm... What else...


Me and a bunch of friends won tickets to Watchmen next Tuesday after winning this trivia contest last night. That was fun.

And in the "good news but still sort of depressing" department, it turns out that my dog is not dead.... yet.... But my parents really thought she'd be because apparently she seemed to have had a seizure one night or something (she was throwing up everywhere and completely unable to control her legs... and she might not be able to walk at all anymore now, but I'm not sure about that since I'm not actually there...), but she's still alive! I guess. I'm really not expecting her to last much longer, though. She's like a 14-year-old beagle, after all.

But oh, well... Whatever happens happens, I suppose.

Anyway, I think I'll stop talking about myself now (I really hate bragging, anyway, which some of this undoubtedly is; I just wanted to express the many good things that've happened recently, particularly with the study abroad stuff) before everything starts crashing down again, lol. I'm just glad for everything going well so far... despite the earlier hiccups and seeming hopelesness of it. I'd like this goodness to continue. So.... *knock on wood*, count my blessings and all that. =D
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Title: Squirrels! =D
Posted: March 13, 2009 (02:29 PM)
I love squirrels. I don't know why, but I'm sure some of it had to do with the baby pet one we kept in our backyard for a few weeks. He was so cute!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And the younger, better image...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Aw... Isn't he adorable? My mom named him Walter (Wally) after some character in Lost or something... because of the circumstances we found him in. Or he found himself in.

We eventually had to let him go, and I was kind of sad, but it was a squirrel, and the poor thing didn't seem very happy cooped up first in the fire pit under our grill (we kept it clean! and it wasn't used during that time, either), or the cage we ultimately moved ihm to. And after aboout a week, he became super timid because we think he was attacked by a raccoon at one point who was trying to scavenge some of his food (we really did put too much in there...), and it managed to knock the cage over in the process (which wasn't supported by anything other than a couple of garbage cans. The first image was not the cage's main location).

And today, I played with a squirrel. I was walking back from this test earlier, and I saw a squirrel in the middle of the sidewalk looking/sniffing around as if searching for food. Well, in my experience with squirrels, I discovered that clicking at them seems to get their attention, if not necessarily draw them towarrds you. So, in a mood fool around, I hunkered down and started clickng at it. I soon found that repeatedly doing so in spurts made it come closer. Perhaps it thought I had food, and maybe my ungloved outstretched hands made it think this as well, because after a few moments, it came close enough to where I could almost touch it (I was afaid to do o because it startled at sudden movement and was inclined to back away), then nibbled my finger. Discovering it unappetizing, it was less inclined to stay around, so my further attempts to draw it closer and touch it were in vain as it slowly started backing away. Eventually, it gave up on me altogether and ran up a tree.

It was cute.
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Title: So last night I dreamt I smoked pot.
Posted: March 08, 2009 (12:19 AM)
o.O I guess that's my mind telling me I need to relax or something. But I can take comfort (I guess) in the fact that I knew the whole time what I was doing in the dream was wrong and that I shouldn't be doing it, and that somehow my mind rationalized it by saying "we're just going to try it to make sure we don't like it", and I din't. Funny thing is, it was both me and my brother doing it at the same time. Then later, I saw my step brother smoking pot as he was pulling out of the driveway. And maybe my parents were doing it to somewhere, but I don't remember.

Anyway, the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth (lol, pun)... like... ugh. I'd never, ever, ever do that. Ever.

Anyway, in other news, I'm so late with this comp I make Masters look good (considering the number of reviews). Really sorry about that, but I've been really busy with the paper and everything (read boo's blog). I promise I'll try to get it done when I go back to school tomorrow... I really need a break. Today was the first day I was online since.... the deadline, I guess.

Also, an update on the miserable passport scenario: got a voicemail from the place telling me my birth certificate was ready but that my credit card number had an error concerning the declining balance or something. Which makes no sense because I never used the thing until now. Granted, maybe that's the cause; I got the thing in 2007, and this is the first time I've used it, so maybe it canceled on me or something. Would've been nice to know, though! And I can't contact the Vital Records people until Monday because they're not open on weekends... but at least I might be able to get hold of customer service for my credit card to figure out what happened there... Anyway, this is looking extremely grim now since unless I get the birth certificate tuesday or Wednesday, there's no chance of me being able to apply for a passport before the summer abroad deadline. What's more, it's so late now that I'm not even sure if I'd get the passport on time to begin with. And the whole issue created much conflict with my family while I was there (I'm with my grandparents now), as I expected - these things always do - so now I don't even feel like talking to them... but whatever. This screws up my whole college plan, I swear it does. -_-

There; everyone has something to talk about now. You won't find a more random/diverse blog post anywhere else at the moment. >_> <_<

Title: *despairs*
Posted: March 02, 2009 (09:45 PM)
So in my extreme desire to get my passport as soon as possible, I for whatever maintained the hope that a copy of my birth certificate would be lying around the house, since, well, I used it to get my state ID and never threw it away or anything (that'd be stupid!). I knew I needed my birth certificate for the passport before coming home on spring break, but for whatever reason, I decided not to tell my mom until I came home.... (though it might've had something to do with the fact that I found out after she'd gone to bed and I left the next day for here...) Now it looks like I'll have to get another one because if there is one lying around the house somewhere where only the Shadow can find it...

Which means it'll probably take at least a week (probably more) to get a certified copy.... and then I'll only have another week (if that) to apply for the passport in the first place. I suppose the one good thing is that the other stuff I need is really easy to get... but... with the deadline for summer abroad applications next Friday, the chances of me making it are looking slim again. *sigh*

S'pose I"ll just get back to the paper, then. I'm woefully behind on the reading for that with still about 20 more selections to read from this book alone. The plan was to finish that off tomorrow so I can actually start writing the thing, but who knows how this'll go...

Somebody please kill me.
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Title: Yay!!!!
Posted: February 27, 2009 (09:00 AM)
I went to the study abroad office today to inquire about the earlier mentioned passport issue, since the advisors are too incompetent to answer their e-mail, and I discovered that they would take a receipt of application instead of an actual passport for the application deadline!

YAY! *happy dance*

This is great because it was turning out that the earliest I'd be able to apply for one would be Monday, since going home today and everything would be a hastle.... So now I'm going to go home tomorrow, probably, and get that stuff taken care of. This gives me some time to finish up some work I'd gotten behind in so I can focus more on that history paper that'll likely send me to the hospital (<--- see, EmP's not the only one who likes exaggerating. =P)

This is also good because it's entirely likely that I wouldn't get the passport before the application deadline whether I expedited it or not. So unless the international office suddenly changes its mind about accepting application receipts as opposed to actual passports, I should be OK. and hopefully that ominous scenario won't happen.... but... knowing my luck.... o.O

Well, let's not think about that.
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Title: Well, this is just perfect....
Posted: February 26, 2009 (11:14 AM)
Anyone know how long it takes to get a passport?

Apparently I'm supposed to have one in order to send a photocopy with my study abroad application, which I didn't even know about until I looked at the application. And the application's due on the 13th.

I don't know why they can't wait until later to see your passport. I mean, really, what's the point of applying for one if you don't even get accepted into the program? And then they want you pay at least $500 up front to apply in the first place, so it's like they're just trying to take your dumb money....

I suppose I should've known this ahead of time, but I didn't. I never do. Until it's too late usually. Story of my life.

Anyway, this was all for the Mallorca program with the school, which I ultimately decided to choose because even though it's not mainland Spain (I really wanted to go to Barcelona), it's still something, and it's through the school so it's one of the cheaper ones and it's a lot easie paperwork wise to handle. It's also led by one of the school's faculty (and in this case, he's actually from there), so I wouldn't feel quite as lost there.

So yeah, unless I can get my passport within a few weeks, or unless they accept just proof of application and not the passport itself, I'm screwed royally up the ass with a three-foot wide lead pipe.

Ruin my week it does. And right before Spring Break....

Don't even talk to me about the history paper I need to have drafted by the end of break, either... That's going to give me three hundred hernias, five ulcers, and a brain tumor.
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Title: It's amazing how not tired I am....
Posted: February 23, 2009 (07:28 AM)
considering I went to bed at 5:45 in the morning. Granted, I'm sure that if I hadn't set my alarm properly, I would've overslept (again) and much worse this time to boot (like through my appointment time with my history prof at 1), but still.

I attribute the lack of exhaustion to napping 5+ hours yesterday, which sort of irked me a little, but it was worth it in the end.

Had I not napped that long, I never would have had the energy to stay up that late, and I never would have talked with Will about my philosophy paper, which he generously offered immense help with (bless him).
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Title: Gah! Dammit!
Posted: February 16, 2009 (09:20 AM)
I overslept this morning... and missed my first class. Which sucks because it's stats and that's a class I can't afford to miss! Fortuantely, I have the phone numbers of some group members there so I guess I"ll get notes from them....

I could have sworn I set my alarm this morning, though. No, I did set it, but I forgot to turn it on.... The worst part is, I actually woke up arouond the time I was supposed to at one point, but saw that there was still a few minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off and so I went back to sleep and waited. I didn't think I'd fall asleep for another hour and a half. -_-

Funnily enough, a similar occurrence happened last year about a week from now. Though circumstances were different then. Last year it was a result of staying up till 4 in the morning for some reason or another. Either a paper or a mound of reading; I don't remember. That one at least didn't have me waking up when I was supposed to only to go back to sleep and discover that my alarm wasn't turned on.

At any rate, this makes me think the paintball idea wasn't a good one, since I suspect part of my reason for oversleeping was being so sore and tired. At any rate, at least I'm not tired now, and the soreness is almost completely gone, though the bruises have made themselves pronounced now. I've decided to reevaluate them. They're not at least as bad as the karate one, but mostly because they're two right next to each other.. If it were just one, it wouldn't be as bad.

Anyway, if my friend hadn't called me around the start of my missed class, I probalby would've missed my second one as well... *sigh*
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Title: Let's discuss paintball
Posted: February 14, 2009 (06:33 PM)
Beause that's what I did all day. A whole busload of us left around 11:30 (this was a school-sponsored event), arrived an hour or so later, and geared up.

Because there were so many of us, they broke us down into four teams of ten. We then played about five games alternating with the other two teams and open groups - the other public that wanted to play as well.

The rental masks didn't fit over my glasses, so I had to play without them (I don't think they had deeper ones, either... otherwise they probably would've offered one).

I've never gone paintballing before, so I wasn't sure what to expect from the gun. It was a bit heavy, and the gas tank acted as a sort of counterweight, which made balancing it difficult. Definitely a lot trickier than a .22 rifle, but at least with a paintball gun you can just sort of point and shoot and not worry about sighting.

Anyway, I'm the worst player on the team, see. Not just because I'm new - the large majority of us never played before - but because, well, I'm me. So I get out like two minutes in or less, often without firing anything. Still, I can't blame myself too much. After all, I'm not exactly skilled in this sort of thing, and since I couldn't wear my glasses, seeing was a bit difficult.

When I did shoot stuff, I don't think I hit anything, but at least I felt better shooting something... Like maybe I'd be useful.

This was an indoor arena, so there were bunkers for cover, which weren't always helpful since I guess I didn't know how to duck behind them properly.

Whatever the case, though, our team one like 4 games out of 5, so that was awesome. Even if I was useless, at least my uselessness didn't affect our team.

I got shot a lot despite being the first one out almost every time. Twice I got hit in the thigh, which left nasty welts and bruises (like... it's almost like a spreadshot... Where the ball hit, is all red and swollen, and then around it is a huge ugly bruise). I also got hit in the hand, near the thumb, which hurt profusely and swelled up a bit. I think it's alright now, since I can move it without too much difficulty now... even though before it was quite painful. It's probably just a bruise. I was worried I'd sprained it or something.

So now I'm sore, from carrying the gun because my arms are weak. And I have bruises! I think they're going to be worse than that karate one I showed everyone a few months ago! Aren't I awesome?

Still, I'd probably do this again. It was kind of fun, if tiring, and it'd be neat to see if I got any better. It's probably something I just need practice at... like with anything else. Besides, I like shooting things. And the painful paintballs make things more challenging and intense than wimpy airsoft guns. Which I've also been shot with. Those don't hurt like anything, seriously.
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Title: Wow. It's really nice out.
Posted: February 10, 2009 (11:10 AM)
It feels like Spring and it's awesome. For whatever reason, the weather strongly affects my mood so warm (relatively speaking) and sunny in February is great. I get super giddy happy whenever I go out in weather like this, and almost nothing can dampen my mood, not even lack of responses to somewhat irate and confused blog posts.

I bet you all wish you lived here now.

As an aside, I dreamt EmP wrote a 22kb review. =/ A really good 22kb review. How odd.
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Title: This... is so weird....
Posted: February 05, 2009 (12:13 AM)
Under a whim of egotism, I decided to google my user name, and upon doing so, one of the listings was this.

It's... as if someone took a snapshot of the site before the Purge, but then somehow mixed it with the current features. It's so weird. The stuff on the right column doesn't even appear until you scroll down past everything else. And clicking any links just takes you to the site proper.

What is this? Is this just some weird internet anomaly or did someone seriously archive the front page one day and somehow it got all mixed and garbled up with other things (like when Jason was remodeling)?
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Title: Alpha Marathon '09
Posted: February 03, 2009 (05:59 PM)
This is just my potential list of letters and their corresponding games to be used as a reference. Some I may not have games for... Suggestions are welcome.

#: I have some things... but... don't really know if I want to do them
A: ???
B: Secret
C: ???
D: ???
E: Tentative plans... nothing confirmed
F: Secret
G: God of War
H: .hack something or Half Life 2
I: ???
J: ???
K: Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust Gaiden
L: Lord of the Rings possibly or something else
M: Mother
N: I have some strats and options for this, but nothing appealing
O: Same as above
P: Lots of options
Q: ???
R: ???
S: Star Wars Battlefront II or something else
T: Tekken 2 (tentative)
U: See N
V: ???
W: Wizardry something or other... tentative
X: ???
Y: Ys something or maybe something else
Z: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Some of the unknowns are just me having not looked through or decided what to do... Some I have some things for, but I'm not sure I want to use them, so I leave theem open.
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Title: Dear International Office
Posted: January 28, 2009 (06:44 PM)
FUCK YOU! I'm sick and tired of you canceling my study abroad appointments. You're ruining my chances for an awesome education and I hate you. This is the third time you've canceled on me for stupid reasons. If this keeps up, I'm going somewhere else. Maybe I'll apply for that internship in England, even if that won't help my Spanish language skills at all.

You're all incompetent jackasses. I hope you die in a fire. Go blow a chicken or something.

<3 WQ

EDIT: Now that I'm somewhat calmer, I'm beginning to wonder if all this nonsense is a sign from God or something. Maybe it's saying "intern in England for the summer, then you can study in Spain for a semester. You'll do great things!" Of course, the practical applications for this aren't so hot since I don't think either program would be good for my history major, but I guess you never know until you actually look at the curricula. >_>

Then again, maybe it's just saying "screw you; we don't want you to have a successful life." But, I'd rather think the positive.
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Title: Tch... Figures.
Posted: January 27, 2009 (06:41 PM)
I tried applying for RA for next semester. For those of you who don't know, an RA is someone who basically monitors the floor of a resident hall and is the "go-to" guy for anyone that needs help. This would've been a great way to build leadership experience; it'd look good on a resume; and it'd pay for my room-and-board.

But, as is typical of anything I seem to do in life, I couldn't even get to the second round of interviews.

I don't know why they didn't take me. You'd think that with a GPA of 3.957 out of 4, they'd look for someone who's academically astute. But I also know that's not all they're looking for, and I know I have almost nothing else to show as far as college leadership and extracurricular experiences go. Having to rely on high school isn't good - and I can't do that after my sophomore year anymore, anyway. Never having a job doesn't help either, I guess. All I really have is academics. Like I'm useless anywhere else.

I bet my personal essays or whatever sucked, too, because while I can write decent reviews and A-grade papers, I can't write about myself in a decently coherent fashion without sounding like a 13-year old.

And hey, why would they accept someone with almost a 4.0 GPA when they can accept someone with almost a 4.0 GPA, has had a job (or jobs) in the past, and who is more active outside school? Makes sense to me!

Oh, well. I guess I'll just resign myself to the fact that the $11k I'm going to end up taking out on this dump isn't going to be worth it because I'm absolutely inept at anything else besides academics. Damn grades... what good are they if they can't get me anything?
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Title: Check out mah awesum review!
Posted: January 19, 2009 (07:11 PM)
(This has been slightly modified from the original)

*Ahem* Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling

Awesome. Wrestling. It's the greatest sport in the world - even better than soccer - since all those hot sweaty men are fighting each other for dominance. It reminds me of the time I went to a rodeo and two of the bulls escaped their confines and started having at each other. Or that cockfight the Mexicans had down the street. It's just so supremely manly that you can't take your eyes away. Or your hands off the controls. It's awesome. Play it. Oh, yeah. The gameplay rocks and is totally awesome. And the rent/buy thing? You should totally buy buy BUY!. You won't regret it.


I think the best part of the review is the "It's awesome / play it" lines because they're so compelling that they'd just make you want to buy it. I mean, how can you argue with awesomeness? I truly amaze myself sometimes.
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Title: Wow. These are some big fish
Posted: January 17, 2009 (10:25 PM)

I bet none of your kitties can do that.
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Title: COLD!!!!
Posted: January 15, 2009 (06:04 PM)
God damn it's cold... I thihk today was the coldest day of the winter... and I was out all day. I don't think it ever got any warmer than -5F the whole day, and I have no idea what the wind chill was like. Like... it's almost incomprehensible... It's so cold, the wind burns your lungs! It's hard to freaking breathe. It just makes you want to roll over and die or something... Or just sleep all day. What's more, the snow that's continued to build has frozen so thoroughly that it's like walking on ice, which, while you won't sink a foot into the ground when walking through it, is also extremely slippery.

Good lord...
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Title: So why can't they make GOOD PS2 controllers anymore?
Posted: January 11, 2009 (02:59 PM)
Nowadays they make these shitty "compact" controllers that are easier to hold, but also crap out on you with one button or another after only a few months of hard use. I swear, I bought two of them over the summer because our old controllers were done... and already the left analog stick on both is f'd up so that whenever you try to walk up/diagonally up-right, it only walks the character no matter how far you push it up. It makes things like platforming and running away really difficult, especially in games like God of War where you kind of need that because God mode is insane and anyone who says it's easy is equally insane and has way too much time on their hands to get that good at a game (no offense to anyone this applies to. =P)

Maybe I just suck at video games. I dunno. Doesn't matter, though. The controllers are a piece of crap. They're supposed to only cost like $10 (I wonder why...), but the ones I bought were between $10-$20, which is perhaps a bit much.

Why can't they just make durable equipment anymore? That'd be a lot more convenient, I think.
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Title: Year in Review - because I can
Posted: January 03, 2009 (07:09 PM)
Well, here it is - a fairly substantial list considering how uninvolved I was previously. Got quite a few feedback topics, too - more than I expected - though none of them were from EmP despite his "promise" to make a topic for every review I wrote after RE4. S'alright, though; I still love you. He did comment on a few onsite, and the rest over AIM even if I did have to ask him most of the time, so it's alright. (=P)

My hits skyrocketed since the last time I did this...

Resident Evil 4 (PS2) February 29, 2008
Hits: 259

Sweet, got it on a leap year! Lucky day for me... right? I honestly don't know if there's anything lucky about a leap year, but I sure felt like it when the results for EmP's Challange came in (finally). This review broke my long-standing dismal placing by an outsanding margin, and though I didn't really sound it at the time (me being the humble being I am), I was on Cloud 9 for like a week. While no one was kind enough to term it so, I think this piece was my breakthrough review, despite the vast amount of help I had with it and the fact that some later efforts may undermine this achievement. Whether it is or not, it at least gave me the confidence that maybe I am actually worth something after all here, something I don't always show, but it was enough to keep me sticking around for a while. That it placed third in that week's RotW only helped matters, especially considering that like 30 reviews were subbed that week.

Rainbow Islands (NES) March 25, 2008
Hits: 404

Man, just four more days and I could've had a three-submission 29th-day-of-the-month streak going. That's OK, though; I hate the number 9. Haha.

This game (and subsequently, the review) surprised me. It's quirky and cute at the same time, and so oddly addictive you'll not want to stop playing until your eyes fall out of your sockets. Felix had recommended it for his Brevity Comp, but I can't really remember the story behind this one... I either spent a few hours/days working on the game, or only half an hour, but either way, I remember taking a nap because I was tired, then suddenly struck by a wave of inspiration, I plugged this thing out in half-an-hour. I felt strangely confident in it, an unusual phenomenon in me to be sure. And after a bit of editing, thanks to EmP who can somehow find the tiniest thing wrong with even the smallest scrap of literature given him (=P), I subbed it. I was rewarded with a remarkable fifth placement and my first ever RotW win, entirely new territory for me, and I would keep climbing, for a little while at least.

Ai Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi (NES) April 04, 2008
Hits: 190

This was a fifteen-minute throw-together, literally. I only really did this because I felt kind of bad about the conversation that got me this game in the first place. Plus it was quick and easy, and I was bored. The game itself is... pretty much nothing, so there's really nothing to say about it. The review isn't really a review (I mostly just bitch about not being able to understand it), but there's really nothing you can do with a game like this, anyway. More importantly, this launched a campaign between Felix and I in which we subbed reviews for the same game at the same time. He claims my review inspired him, a fact that made me happy, despite knowing that this review isn't... well, a review. Haha. It's probably for this reason that he beat me in this bout of our little contest.

Animorphs (GBC) April 18, 2008
Feedback: Nuked during the time when feedback topics weren't preserved
Hits: 598

I wrote this review spur-of-the-moment one Friday evening after being strangely inspired, similarly to my Rainbow Islands one. I had drafted a review for this earlier, over Spring Break a few weeks previously, but that copy kind of (no, really) sucked. Felix had looked it over, and I thank him graciously for it, since I really wasn't sure of that draft in the first place. I considered his advice, which mostly consisted of telling me to vary my style a bit, and I'm glad I did. This version looks nothing like the old one, thanks to him as well as the odd spark (spark? No - lightning bolt!) that started the rewrite in the first place. After completing this draft, he looked it over again. Actually, we worked on it together, since there were some things I really needed help with (like writing that personal example). I'm still debating whether I should put the old one up somewhere just so everyone can see the difference. Trust me, it's huge.

EmP also took it upon himself to further edit it for me, and I didn't even have to ask him that time. I'm grateful for it, though - it only made the thing better. And when it won RotW - the second time in a month - I was extremely happy. And shocked.

Just Breed (NES) April 30, 2008
Hits: 348

Just Breed, quite simply, is amazing. For a NES strat, I didn't quite expect this. The battles are challenging and lengthy - sometimes lasting over an hour, which might not appeal to some people, but to me it does, especially since it requires a vast amount of thinking. I have no idea what orifice EmP pulled this game out of, but it's a keeper. It really is.

I entered this game in OD's All or Nothing comp, despite the strong feeling that this really felt more like a 9 than 10. I'm thinking of downgrading it, but don't know if I should, since it's a tourney entry and all.

As is typical with many of my reviews, I had help from both Boo and EmP on this one. The result was third place in the comp, something that shocked me considerably, since I'd thought EmP's review far superior to my own. But everyone's opinions are different, I guess. It also placed third in RotW, also a bit surprising. It really was a hard game to write about, or at least make sound like a ten - which I don't think I did - and so I really didn't expect much with it.

This game's also the culmination of another challenge, this time posed by Felix, who suggested I have ten reviews to my name by May. I did it, last minute.

Crystalis (NES) May 13, 2008
Hits: 265

Hi, ho summer. Blech. I really didn't want to start the summer with a review like this. I think this is one of my worst efforts since spitting out RE4. I didn't get any feedback on this one, and part of me is glad for that. I really don't think it's that great a review, at all. I had drafted this over Spring Break, but... I just couldn't produce the same kind of effect like I did with Animorphs. That I had little inspiration writing this one didn't help at all, either.

Even so, despite how I feel about the review, the game itself is actually quite enjoyable, if perhaps your typical action-RPG NES fanfare.

Digimon World (PS) May 16, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 1233

I doubt Digimon would appeal to a lot of people... It requires a lot of patience, but figuring out all the different combinations and exploring the fairly sizeable land make it fun. Though it can get tedious after a while.

This is the last of three reviews I had drafted over Spring Break, and this one probably had the worst of those three drafts. I was able to ammend it to satisfactory levels, though I never quite got that inspiration again like I did with Animorphs. After subbing it, Felix was nice enough to give me advice, and told me to add a section about combat. I'm glad I did - I think that section's the reason it placed second in that week's RotW.

Fire 'N Ice (NES) May 19, 2008
Hits: 222

Fire 'N Ice is a neat little puzzle game. It's different than a lot of puzzle games I've played, which makes it fun. Those who like a unique challenge should try it sometime. You might like it.

Nothing really special about the review, except that it's the second in my "duel" with Felix. It was kind of hard to put together, and reading through it again, I've come to the conclusion that it's extremely cheesy - at least the first few paragraphs are. Still, it beat Felix's own review of the same game by a considerable margin (though only like 3 people voted anyway).

Sam & Max Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die (PC) May 28, 2008
Hits: 167

Back in like November, EmP showed me the link where this game was available for free. I had expressed interest in the games before, I think, and so this gesture was very kind of him. Unfortunately, I hadn't really time to review it, though I think I beat it around December. It wasn't until May, where I had all the free time in the world, that I could actually try reviewing the game again. Of course, I had to beat the game again because I had forgotten much of the satire and other jokes within. Not a problem for me, since playing again I discovered amusing bits I'd missed before.

It was a hard game to write about - probably one of the hardest yet - a fact that may have contributed to me not getting it done sooner. Suffice to say, I completely sympathize with EmP on how tough it is to write these. And I've only written one - he's written 12. As a result, I don't think the review's that great, and I don't think I included any of the humor I had originally intended for it (curse me for not taking notes!), but EmP said it was good, and really, I'd wrote it for him more than anything else, so I'm happy. Though I remain confused as to why people read my silly Ai Sensei review more than this one.

People should really play these games. I don't know why they're not more popular than they are. They really should be. They're hilarious, witty, and full of satire and humor that targets everyday life. This one in particular makes fun of American politics. It's great.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (PS2) May 31, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 316

Like two others before it, this is the culmination of a challenge, a challenge like none I've ever faced before. Felix said "Write five reviews in a month", and so I did... on the last day before the deadline. Again.

I honestly thought this review was decent. Not great, but good enough, I guess. Then again, I was quite ambivalent on it in the first place. Oh, well, with the Bracket thing, I know how to feel about it now. Haha. But since this was one where I really didn't get any help, I really shouldn't be that surprised. Really, all I care about now is that it actually inspired EmP to finish his LotR: Third Age review, which I had been looking forward to since I saw it drafted in his blog before the Extinction. That made me feel considerably better about it, despite the thrashing it took in the tourney thing.

Metal Gear Solid (PS) June 19. 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 208

I like this review, quite a lot. I wasn't sure how well a game that's potentially considered "overcovered" would go over, but this one went well. It placed second in RotW, against some strong competition, and I'm glad for that. I'm also glad Felix helped me with this one, too. He said there were some serious flaws in part of my argument, as well as some phrases that really shouldn't be there. So I fixed them, and he said it was much better for it. I think so, too.

Musashi no Bouken (NES) June 23, 2008
Hits: 140

EmP's pick for his BWHY tourney. I liked this tourney. It was a fun idea, and it's sole purpose to try and get you to play something you otherwise wouldn't play. That couldn't be more true with this game here. I doubt I'd've played it short of a recommendation/suggestion, so I'm glad I got it here. Again, I have to wonder if EmP hides a list of obscure games up his anal cavity or something, because seriously, I have no idea where he found it.

It's a great game. It's similar in design to Dragon Warrior, but actually has some historical relevance and plays on Japanese mythology a lot. It's really neat.

This is a review I felt fairly confident in, especially after reassurances from Felix saying it was pretty much fine without editing, and that all it really needed was minor tweaking. I'd done something different with this review, which I hoped would go over well in the tourney. I think it did - the research bit I'm referring to, anyway - but the rest of it... seemed not to. That's fine, though (now that I'm over it, haha). I still like the review (or at least the intro and second half), so that's all that really matters, I guess. (P.S. Finally got Boo's critique some time ago. Helped me understand quite a bit, I think).

X-Men: Mutant Academy (GBC) July 12, 2008
Hits: 174

I hate this game. Stupid fighting-action game without much action. Only limited combos, characters and settings. The game tries to stretch its entertainment value with various modes, as all fighting action games do, but this just doesn't work here.

It's a sort of throw-together review... written without much feeling, except maybe frustration. I'm not sure. It honestly didn't feel that great to me, or heartfelt. So I was surprised to see Jason's recommendation for third place in RotW.

The Getaway (PS2) July 14, 2008
Hits: 296

I'd been working on this a while before finally subbing it. Also had help from Felix, who said it needed little in the way of editing except for a few minor tweaks, like my Musashi one. It was also here that, after helping me with at least 7 of my last 15 reviews (rough estimate - I don't feel like counting), that he would stop helping me just to prove his point that I can write just fine without it all the time. This review also broke the long dryspell of failing to win RotW. While many of my reviews placed, none had actually won since Animorphs. It was kind of starting to worry me, that maybe I was losing my stride, and with my performances recently, this sentiment seemed justified. Silly as that sounds.

.hack//G.U. Vol.1 Rebirth (PS2) July 24, 2008
Hits: 280

This is a great game for .hack lovers. Hell, even those unfamiliar with the series can get into this one, though there may be a few first series spoilers. None of the games are really related to the anime(s) in anyway, though they do provide explanation for what happens between them... Either way, everyone should watch .hack//Sign and play these games (all seven of them). Especially EmP. Sign's a great anime, and these are great games.

I like this review... a lot. I think it's my favorite despite all my recent work. I felt like I actually put my heart and soul into this one, despite not being really inspired or anything. Frankly, I haven't been "OMG WOW" inspired since Animorphs, but I guess those sorts of events are rare... or something. Either way, I like how this one turned out, though if there were any review I'd've liked feedback on, it'd be this one. Just to see what everyone else thought. I asked EmP on AIM, since that's the only way to get opinions from him short of tourneys, RotWs and nagging, it seems, and he liked it. But I still wish I'd had more, I guess. That's alright, though, I guess. At least I actually feel confident in this one for once.

Q*bert (NES) August 01, 2008
Hits: 135

This is yet another throw-together. I'm starting to think that I should do more of these more often, because they seem to be doing me quite well. I never would've expected a puzzle game to win me second in RotW, especially not one as straightforward and difficult to write about as this one.

Worms Armageddon (PC) August 09, 2008
Hits: 174

This is a fun game. It's weird as hell, but fun. Amusing, too.

The review's good, I guess - it placed second in RotW and both EmP and boo liked it - but... this review also marks a period where I really started noticing that I'm feeling like I'm just doing the same thing over and over again. Indeed, this can probably be traced back to MGS, but I only really started noticing here. So that feeling really affects my judgment and confidence in the review. =/

Incredible Crash Test Dummies (NES) August 18, 2008
Hits: 321

Used to love this game when I was little. But it sucks now.

Again with the throw-together. But this one's definitely not that great. Whatever EmP said, I feel like it only got second because only like 4 people subbed that week. It doesn't help that it was written under the crushing weight of "sameness" that I'd been feeling with everything else lately. I was advised to try something radically different, but I just don't know what to do. This is unfortunate because I had surprises planned for the next week or two...

Earthworm Jim (GEN) September 08, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 182

This was the surprise I had referenced earlier. I wrote it for EmP's birthday because I thought he'd like it. I really wanted to make this awesome, and so had help from Will and Boo. Despite their help, I still didn't think it was as awesome as I wanted it - perhaps I was still feeling that everything was "samey" - but I still felt pretty good about it. When EmP commented on it, however, that affirmed its quality. I think he gave it the highest praise of any review I'd written to that point, and that made me very happy. It still makes me happy. I think I even saved that praise somewhere because I'm weird like that.

It placed second in that week's RotW despite only three contenders (including myself), but that's alright because it was close and drella had already determined it worthy of the Genesis focus window, which I think is still there but I'm not sure because I haven't checked in a while.

Bad Dudes (NES) September 27, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 406

EmP thought to drag me last minute into the Beat 'Em Up 2 contest despite my uncertainty whether I'd be able to make it or not due to school. I'm glad he did, really. Not only did the review (written "on the fly" in less than a day) dispel that "sameyness" I'd been feeling, but it also won RotW and received fantastic praise aside. In fact, I think this review received the most praise from EmP, surpassing even EWJ, which again made me feel terrifically happy and loved.

Ironically, it didn't do so well in the contest (average, I suppose), but drella (and maybe Masters) were about the only ones who didn't seem to like it, so that's fine. To each his/her own. But that doesn't mean I'm going to disregard the criticism - I think it could (and maybe has) prove(n) useful in the future.

Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Series Vol. 9: Kage Maru (SAT) October 03, 2008
Hits: 172

Silly throw together review I did for the hell of it and to cover V in the alpha marathon. I'm not going to do this again; this was just something I felt like doing randomly. Like Ai Sensei, it's not really a review, but then again, the game's not much to look at either. It's not even really a game in the technical sense of the word.

Kingdom Hearts (PS2) October 11, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 256

Kingdom Hearts is a game I'd wanted to review for a while, I suppose. I'll admit I wasn't as charmed with the game as I had been the first time I played it, mostly due to the fact that the control scheme is one giant CF. But otherwise, it's a very good game with a meaningful plot.

Anyway, I'd wanted to make the review better... but, it came out the way it did, I guess. It's still good considering, I suppose, but it feels a lot like my earlier efforts. It placed second in RotW, and everything EmP said there is true, especially the listiness.

Jim Power: The Arcade Game (GEN) November 02, 2008
Hits: 149

Stupid game. Almost unplayable, really. Found myself agreeing with genj emphatically. I liked how the review turned out, though. I had tried something a hit different (or at least it felt so to me), and for the most part, it worked. The alpha results were satisfactory, and it placed second in the week's RotW, which is always nice.

The 3D Battles of World Runner (NES) November 22, 2008
Hits: 160

I think we actually have a physical copy of this on our old Nintendo... which I had forgotten about until after I wrote the review. Heck, I don't think we even played it on the old Nintendo, really, since it was sort of hidden under a mound of other NES games. Can't really blame it, though - the game's not that great.. Good for passing an hour or so, but, well, it gets repetitive after a while.

The review's just kind of a put-together... Did it for # in the Alpha Marathon, though I balk to think what I'll do this year. It's functional for what it is, I suppose, but it's not really an easy game to write about, either.

Ys (NES) December 09, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 193

This is a good game. I think it surprised me quite a bit, though I say that a lot about a lot of things. Not as good as its port (so I've heard and researched), but still good for what it is.

I like the review quite a bit. I think it turned out well, and maybe that contributed to my wanting to release it before Christmas (it was intended for Felix), though this was one of the games we planned to review at the same time anyway, but still. It placed second in RotW (much to my chagrin), edged out by a very good pickhut review. If you had seen my conversation with EmP about this review and possible RotW turn-out, you'd understand my frustration. To summarize, it basically had me feeling overly confident about the review then remarking about how irony likes to strike me in the strangest, worst, most ironic ways. And it sure did! I think I'll refrain from expressing any confidence from now on - or at least sound modest... Though it's rare when I'm confident about anything. (Note: This conversation occurred before pickhut subbed his review; once he did, my confidence evaporated)

Anyway, I used this instead of one of my next two reviews in Janus' tourney, and I'm glad I did. The overall placement I got (6th) isn't great, but the score (88) wasn't bad, so I can't really complain

Twinle Tale (GEN) December 24, 2008
Feedback Topic Hits: 88

I liked this game a lot. It's a cute yet brilliant shooter that really should've been released here. ...Everywhere. I wrote the review for Zig since it was his Xmas request, though still remain unsatisfied with how the review turned out despite his praise and the RotW win. I think this feeling is largely due to writing while uninspired and not really wanting to write, so it just feels stiff and forced to me. But I'm glad it worked for him, and drella who judged the week's RotW.

Shining in the Darkness (GEN) December 24, 2008
Feedback topic Hits: 77

If someone told me I'd write 2 reviews in one day, I'd laugh at them, but that's exactly what I did. I felt considerably better about how this one turned out, hoping that I'd shaken the odd feeling I had about writing after finishing Zig's. Well, I thought I had, but zipp's feedback wasn't too flattering. That doesn't matter, though; I wrote it for EmP, for Christmas, and he seemed to like it well enough, though perhaps not as much as I would have liked, but I'm happy enough anyway, I suppose. I just really wanted to make this one good for him. Zig's, too, but EmP's more (sorry).

Well, I feel kind of bad ending the year in such an uninspired state of mind as I was, but I dunno. Lately I haven't felt like writing anything, and since I'm on break, I can feel this way as long as I want (until I go back to school). Ideally I'd like to write something while still here, though, but... who knows. This ill feeling will probably pass, though, I hope.
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Title: Huh. I guess I broke 10,000
Posted: December 28, 2008 (11:14 PM)
Review hits. And without me really paying attention.

Should I be proud/happy about this? As a user, I guess it's a lot, especially since I only have 32 reviews. But if I looked on a broader scale, it's not really a lot all things considered. I don't even break the top 50, which is pretty much overrun with staff/freelancers anyway. Besidse, I'd appreciate feedback way more than hits any day.

Well, either way, I'll keep writing. And I'll probably never make another post like this because I really hate bragging, and it would mean more if I'd hit 100k anyway.

See you in another ten years. =D

On another yet somewhat related note, I'm still considering joining staff, but still can't come to a complete and proper decision on the matter.
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