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wayne_steed There is only one blog that will truly deliver enough awesomeness to save the world. And this isn't it. (But check it out anyway.)

Title: Wayne Steed's Unofficial Master List of Good Christian Rock Songs Ver. 2.0
Posted: January 02, 2008 (07:42 AM)
Asterisks are requests.


Love Addict (Family Force 5)
Lie to Me (12 Stones)
Going Under (This Beautiful Republic)
The Unwinding Cable Car (Anberlin)
Say This Sooner (The Almost)
Wolf Am I! (mewithoutYou)*
Not Ready to Die (Demon Hunter)
Rebirthing (Skillet)
Caroline (Seventh Day Slumber)
Awakening (Switchfoot)
I Need You (Relient K)
Wake Up! Wake Up! (Everyday Sunday)
You're on Fire (MxPx)
Zero (Hawk Nelson)
Replace Me (Family Force 5)
Black Box (This Beautiful Republic)
Undying (Demon Hunter)
Comatose (Skillet)
Oh! Gravity (Switchfoot)
Angels (MxPx)
I Love You to Death (Family Force 5)
One Thousand Apologies (Demon Hunter)
The Last Night (Skillet)
Never Let Me Go (Family Force 5)
Not I (Demon Hunter)
Biting the Bullet [is Bad for Business] (MxPx)
Whispers in the Dark (Skillet)
The Show (Hawk Nelson)*
Sadie Hawkins Dance (Relient K)*
You're Ever So Inviting (Underoath)
Falls Apart (Thousand Foot Krutch)
Evil [A Chorus of Resistance] (Project 86)
Stitches (Haste the Day)
Temptation Come My Way (The Showdown)
Southern Weather (The Almost)
Mind's Eye (Family Force 5)
Hotel Aquarium (Falling Up)
Nothing Left (As I Lay Dying)
Carry Me Down (Demon Hunter)
City Without a Heart (A Rotterdam November)
When Tomorrow Comes (Pillar)
Be Still and Breathe (Ivoryline)
World Away (Emery)
Casting Off (This Beautiful Republic)
F-Stop (Sullivan)
For The Love of the Game (Pillar)
When Hope is All You Have (Spoken)
A Call to the Faithful (Inhale Exhale)
Game On (Disciple)
Hey John, What's Your Name Again? (The Devil Wears Prada)
Break Me Down (Red)
No Longer (Decyfer Down)
Forgiven (Relient K)
The Way You Dance (Blindside)
Let's Go Back (Everyday Sunday)
Let Go (Red)
Never Going Back to OK (The Afters)
Live Like We're Alive (Nevertheless)
Dry the River (Maylene and the Sons of Disaster)
Paperthin Hymn (Anberlin)
Wake Up (KJ-52/Toby Morrell)
I'm For You (tobyMac)
Friend Like That (Hawk Nelson)
Composure (August Burns Red)
Part One (Wavorly)
Staring at the Light (The Wedding)
Sixteen (Demon Hunter)
Time (Nevertheless)
Illuminate (Project 86)
Need (The Send)
A Whisper and a Clamor (Anberlin)
Fight Like This (Decyfer Down)
Medicine (The Fold)
Stars (Switchfoot)*
Angel's Disguise (Whitecross)*
Within Destruction (As I Lay Dying)


Please feel free to request any good Christian rock songs that I may have omitted. Oh, and Genj, do another Satanic songs list. That was funny.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: January 02, 2008 (08:01 AM)
I'm a fan of Whitecross' "Angel's Disguise", though if it qualifies as rock, I don't dare to say.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: January 02, 2008 (01:39 PM)
Your list lacks any Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, PFR, Geoff Moore & The Distance, Rebecca St. James, Jars of Clay... pretty much anybody who made Christian Rock worth listening to during the 90s and well into this decade.

Switchfoot is arguably the exception, but "Oh, Gravity!" is in my opinion their worst single to date. "Stars" is a song I consider far superior.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: January 02, 2008 (03:19 PM)
I've seen ms. St. James live once. I'm not entirely sure what I was doing at the event in question, though.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: January 02, 2008 (05:03 PM)
Satanic song of the day: The Persona 3 Battle Rap Theme

wayne_steedUser: wayne_steed
Posted: January 05, 2008 (06:47 AM)
Your list lacks any Michael W. Smith, etc.

Wow, yeah, I forgot all those, Venter! I'm not very familiar with any songs by those artists excepting Smith, though, so could you give me a few miscellaneous songs by all those artists?

And yeah, I'll add "Stars" to the list.

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