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wayne_steed There is only one blog that will truly deliver enough awesomeness to save the world. And this isn't it. (But check it out anyway.)

Title: That Clears THAT Up
Posted: August 26, 2007 (07:35 AM)
Well, friends, the problem from my previous entry was my TV. It was causing the brightness. Thanks to Genj and Espiga for their advice and dance moves (you'll have to read the replies to the entry to see what I mean). My N64 is still as good as ever.

Mood: Relieved

iamtheprodigyUser: iamtheprodigy
Posted: August 26, 2007 (07:43 AM)
Thank God. N64 for life.

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: August 26, 2007 (09:53 AM)
You know, I always liked the N64 more than the PSX and Saturn. PSX definitely has way better RPGs and more of them, and the Saturn has some magical, pricey games, many of which are imports.

But the 64 certainly has some of the finest Nintendo-made games, and the Rare titles were actually good for the most part. Star Fox, Mario, Zelda, Super Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Pilot Wings, Blast Corps, Rogue Squadron, World Driver Championship, Banjo, Conker, Sin & Punishment, and even Bakaretsu Muteki Bangaioh are all stellar games...

...Or that's what my memories tell me. Your blog has inspired me to dig my 64 out and play it a bit.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: August 26, 2007 (12:16 PM)
If cable TV looks fine but all your consoles don't as you said, then there's probably something wrong with video connector on the TV.

wayne_steedUser: wayne_steed
Posted: August 26, 2007 (01:46 PM)
Well, I did fix the TV to a certain degree. Now the whites are too white and the darks are too dark on gaming (and cable, now). I've been playing the N64 on the family TV instead of my personal one, and it's crystal clear. Whew!

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