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wayne_steed There is only one blog that will truly deliver enough awesomeness to save the world. And this isn't it. (But check it out anyway.)

Title: Gone Fishin'
Posted: August 13, 2007 (04:48 AM)
I won't be able to write entries for my blog for the next five days, 'cuz I'm working on something very important. It's private, though, so don't ask; you won't get answers. I will be totally out to lunch for the next few days. Bye now.

iamtheprodigyUser: iamtheprodigy
Posted: August 13, 2007 (06:29 AM)
Ooh, secret projects.

pupUser: pup
Posted: August 13, 2007 (06:43 PM)
Hopefully it's a new blog avatar.

Crap, that reminds me. I think I left Cairo's avatar submissions sitting in the queue.

wayne_steedUser: wayne_steed
Posted: August 14, 2007 (06:21 AM)
Actually, it's not that. Two things:

1.) Can we not play 20 Questions, please?

2.) How the heck do you get one? If I ever decide on a good one, I'll need instructions, since I'm a total "n00b3r" in that respect.

espigaUser: espiga
Posted: August 14, 2007 (05:49 PM)
You can use any image you want in your blog provided it's a decent size. Just check your settings. In the forums, though, you'll need to click your own avatar, and you'll be taken to a page to choose your avatar from a big list. The forums and blogs use seperate avatars, so you can customize yourself however you want.

espnking2002User: espnking2002
Posted: August 16, 2007 (12:49 AM)
Oh c'mon, just tell us.

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