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Title: Green Hill Zone in Sonic Adventure 2: Fact or Fiction?
Posted: June 20, 2007 (03:16 PM)
Earlier today, I was surfing around YouTube looking for Sonic videos (yeah, really geeky, I know), when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but... a video showing the Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic running through Green Hill Zone?

Feeling curious, I checked out the text. It said, and this is actual material from YouTube:


Okay, I started doing a Green Hill Zone run through, after finding out that a lot of Sonic fans still thought that it was a myth, because the requirements for unlocking the level are so ridiculous. (Get A Ranks on all missions and obtain all 180 Emblems.) But, this will prove that wrong, because I've got the stage.

While filming, my fellow D&D playing friend decided to stop by at steal the controller away from me. You can tell when she started and I stopped. XD

~Adam "SonicAdvDX"


This video certainly seems dubious, but maybe it's real. Do you remember that little green island that is a little to the left of the forest areas, i.e. White Jungle and Green Forest?
Well, the video shows that island area with a stage selection marker over it (not a character, but a question mark).

When the stage is started, it looks like a normal Sonic stage is starting, except it reads "Extra Stage: Green Hill." It certainly looks genuine, with the remixed tune, classic sound effects, and powerups like magnetic shields in the stage.

On the downside, only the true Sonic players will be able to unlock this tough puppy. You must get all 180 emblems and all A rankings! The only person I know who can do that is Chuck Norris. Plus, I'm very cynical about this sort of thing, and even the most trusting gamer could be fooled by this. Then again, it hasn't been fully disproved yet, just well hidden, so the few incredibly powerful souls who found this haven't been believed.

Do you know if this is real, but buried under millions of lines of code? Or is this "extra stage" the product of some GameShark or Action Replay? I need to know, and the world needs to know, too! Plese reply to this blog entry so we can clear up the mysteries behind one of the most controversial unlockable stages since the Minus World in Super Mario Bros.!

That's all for now; but don't worry. If you don't know the answer to this question, just be patient, and I'll post an answer to this burning question.

Oh, and here's the actual video:



pupUser: pup
Posted: June 21, 2007 (03:54 PM)
If it takes that much effort, is it even worth the bother? I like secrets as much as the next guy, but the reward should be just as great as the work involved.

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