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wayne_steed There is only one blog that will truly deliver enough awesomeness to save the world. And this isn't it. (But check it out anyway.)

Title: The Day of Sigma
Posted: October 10, 2007 (05:21 PM)
As you can tell from my avatar, I am a huge Mega Man fan, and not of the modern, crapatacular MegaMan Battle Network. Oh, mama, NO. I prefer the retro, SNES Mega Man X games.

So when I heard about "The Day of Sigma," a twenty-minute anime short explaining the spreading of the Maverick virus and the downfall of Sigma, I was excited, yet disbelieving. I didn't think anyone with that many guts to make a thing like that would bother to make it, you know, good. So, I searched on YouTube for the video, and I was...

...happy, because it was actually great. Seriously, you MMX fans out there have GOT to watch this. It's sweet to have the characters actually talking (X and Zero are portrayed by the actors of two Gundam characters!). You should probably be a fan so that you know what they're talking about.

Oh, and for all you Spanish-speakers out there, it has Spanish subtitles, so enjoy that. It's all acted in English, though. Here are the links:

Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTLgQPvy1Sw

Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stNG40NpL_A&

Part III (final): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY6HDH-GrM4&
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Title: Miscellaneous Book Reviews
Posted: October 08, 2007 (06:35 PM)
The Outsiders (by S.E. Hinton):
It's been a long time since I've read this one, and, coming back to it, I realize what a good book this was. It was the first real look at gang life in the durty South, and the lifelike characters really made the story come alive. It was a little... unrealistic, though. I mean, gangsters who rarely swear, don't wear tatoos, and don't cut themselves? Oh, well, all that came about in the '80s and '90s. 9/10.

Sphere (by Michael Chricton):
Like the previous novel, I had read this book a while back, but only now reread it. While unrealistic in places (Time travel? Controlling stuff with thoughts? Giant squids attacking undersea habitats? Uh, no), it was a great drama that was thrilling and fast-paced. 9.5/10.

Pay it Forward (by Catherine Ryan Hyde):
Dang, this book was hokey. Touching, and a good read, but hokey. 8/10.

NOTE: It was good enough to get a 9, but I hate hokey books, so it lost a point. Still great and moving, though.
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Title: Whoa... it's the future...
Posted: October 06, 2007 (05:34 AM)
Geez, this new format is surprising. When I just logged on, I found... this. Man, has the entire world changed or something while I was asleep? I'll bet it has.

Did Venter steal the future blog format from his future firstborn?
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Title: Bad Genjuro!!! Forty lashes for you.
Posted: October 04, 2007 (03:23 PM)
Darn it, Genj, your "Gayest Blog Post Ever" got that blasted "Thnks fr th Mmrs" stuck in my head.

Make sure it doesn't happen again or I'll tell Venter on you.

EDIT: That last bit was a joke. Just wanted to clarify.

EDIT, PART DEUX: If anything, I'd tell you on Venter.
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Posted: October 03, 2007 (03:55 PM)
I changed my tile pattern. I like it.

EDIT: And my avatar.
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Title: The Triptych
Posted: October 02, 2007 (04:25 PM)
You may be wondering why my Songs of the Day of late have been by Demon Hunter. Well, I just downloaded their most recent album, and I'm happy to say that it's a worthy purchase. Me, I can't wait for STORM THE GATES OF HELL. Yeah.
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Title: Review Time
Posted: October 02, 2007 (04:47 AM)
Well, since yesterday was the outset of October, I penned a review of Mega Man X6 to mark the occasion.

Now, then, I'd better write up more...

EDIT: Oh, instead of making you work, here's the link:

Mega Man X6
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Title: The Last Day of September
Posted: September 30, 2007 (02:34 PM)
Today is...

--see title--

Unfortunately, it is a boring way to end the month.
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Title: Halo 3
Posted: September 26, 2007 (05:29 PM)
It came out just yesterday. Let us rejoice. All hail Master Chief!

EDIT: Okay, why didn't I know about this earlier? Or mention it in yesterday's "Blank Blog Entry"?

Title: Blank Blog Entry
Posted: September 25, 2007 (04:50 PM)
This blog entry has been intentionally left blank, due to the fact that Wayne had nothing to do on this absolutely demented Tuesday, so he created a blog entry filled with random fluff explaining why his blog entry was blank, despite the rather obvious fact that this fluff took up all the space in the entry generally reserved for blankness. What could he say? He was bored.
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Title: Fanfiction Update
Posted: September 23, 2007 (12:48 PM)
Have any of you heard of The Legend of Zelda: Annoyance of Time? My friend has, though I haven't. Basically, it was this amazing Zelda flash parody that got taken off the Internet for some odd reason.

Anyway, when my friend got into contact with the guy who made the thing (though he still hasn't told me how he did), the guy let him do the fanfic. And since my friend is too busy (and lazy) to post on HG or any other fanfic site, he gave the rough draft of the fanfic to me to edit and post in our names. In other words, this will be a cowritten Zelda parody fanfic based upon a canceled Flash animation written by some guy I don't know.

So, looooong story short, I'm gonna post some new fanfiction here soon. ;)
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Title: Comatose
Posted: September 21, 2007 (07:27 PM)
Skillet's most recent album is beastly.
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Posted: September 21, 2007 (05:49 PM)
I don't have anything to write about today. I wonder what I'll put in my blog post...

I give up. There's nothing to write about.
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Title: Poor Grandma!
Posted: September 15, 2007 (02:23 PM)
Yes, I know it's not Christmas. Too bad.


Just click on the second video.
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Title: Mega Man X speedrun
Posted: September 15, 2007 (08:42 AM)

OK, how the heck does he push the firing button that flippin' fast?!
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