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Title: *Vintage*
Posted: December 10, 2011 (08:34 AM)
It's official. My macbook is vintage. Having trouble with my trackpad and pointer doing things I don't want it to do like highlighting text to copy/delete or "sticking" to images and icons and moving them around. Phoned Apple and got told that's the official description for computers over 5 years old. Over five years with no issues at all, apart from the one time the bathroom flooded and water poured down from the ceiling directly onto it. But a quick mop of the water and use of the disk utility to correct a few minor faults resolved that.

I partly resolved it by slowing the action down to a crawl and I can always use a mouse instead... well, not really, the trackpad is second nature now.

I think *vintage* describes my gaming tastes too, and me...


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