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Sidhe Interactive Games

Founded in 1997, Sidhe Interactive is an award-winning developer of console, handheld and PC games. The largest game production studio in New Zealand, Sidhe has a proven track record of creating high-quality, mass-market, licensed and original titles for a worldwide audience. The studio has produced more than 20 high-profile titles including GripShift (Xbox 360, PS3, PSP), Jackass the Game (PS2, PSP), and most recently Speed Racer (Wii, PS2), as well as multiple games based on the NRL Rugby League franchise.

Company Site:

PlayStation 2

Frankie Dettori Racing [December 8, 2006]
Jackass the Game [September 24, 2007]
Rugby League [December 19, 2003]
Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition [November 14, 1989]
Speed Racer [September 16, 2008]
Super Rugby League 2 [December 9, 1986]

PlayStation 3

Blood Drive [November 2, 2010]
GripShift [January, 2007]
Shatter [2010]


GripShift [September 12, 2005]


Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 [November 12, 2009]
Rugby League 3 [April 16, 2010]
Speed Racer: The Videogame [May 6, 2008]


Frankie Dettori Racing [December 8, 2006]
Rugby League [December 19, 2003]
Super League Rugby League 2 [July 21, 2006]

Xbox 360

Blood Drive [November 2, 2010]
GripShift [December 12, 2007]

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