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Title: Back, I think.
Posted: May 26, 2008 (02:58 PM)
I can totally sympathize with EmP on his computer issues. A couple of weeks ago, mine died on me (again) and I had to take it in for repair (again). This time we're pretty sure the problem has been resolved - my original CD/DVD drive had died and was causing my whole system to crash. Since I've gotten it fixed it's been running smoothly, so that helps.

I also managed to hurt my back pretty bad two Fridays ago. I'm not sure HOW it happened, but it's basically kept me bed/couch-ridden (except for work) since then. I'm under treatment now, but still not 100%. Of course, this is better than last Monday, when I actually had to take a day off work because I couldn't walk - now I'm at least able for short stints of housework and computer stuff.

So what have I been doing during my downtime? Mostly, working on DS games since the hubby's been hogging the TV to play KOTOR II again. I finally finished Apollo Justice after months of nagging from certain quarters, and I'm working on a review for it. It's a little slower going than it would be because I can't stay at the computer too long in one sitting, but I'm hoping to have it done by Wednesday at the latest.

I picked up Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword as well, and I'm really enjoying it (surprisingly). Of course I'm at a point where I'm annoyed with it but not SO annoyed I'm ready to give up.

I have gotten to watch several movies during this long weekend, including Indy 4, Junebug, In the Name of the King (yes, the Uwe Boll film), and The Golden Compass. I enjoyed all of them in one way or another, with Indy being my favorite.

The final thing to eat up my time has been the novels of Tiger & Del, a series by Jennifer Roberson. I read a couple of short stories based around this fantasy series, and I found myself instantly hooked. Since last week I've gotten through three of six novels (I read the first one earlier in the month), and I've started on the fifth. It's really a neat series, and since it's all about swords, oaths and honor - three of my favorite topics - I'm really enjoying them.

I hope all is going well for everyone else - I think, at this point, I need to go put some ice on my back. :P Catch everyone later!

psychopenguinUser: psychopenguin
Posted: May 27, 2008 (01:30 PM)
Was wondering where you were. Good to hear things are almost okay. Hope your back gets better. Lots of people in pain around here lately :(

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