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Title: Too many games, not enough time.
Posted: March 10, 2008 (09:21 AM)
This weekend we had one HELL of a snowstorm. Between Friday morning and Sunday at about 1AM we had a massive snowstorm (complete with thundersnow event at about 3AM Saturday. It dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us, and while the roads were clear(er) Sunday Andrew had to dig us out so we could go to the store.

Of course, that meant two things. 1) Most of the weekend, we were trapped in the house. 2) I couldn't go pick up my Brawl preorder.

The Brawl preorder I'll snag tonight after work. But the weekend was mostly handheld gaming and housework (trying to put what I can away until our pantry arrives).

I am COMPLETELY hooked on Puzzle Quest. I've got a level 21 Wizard, one city captured, and several captives. I'm trying to learn the "Eat Skulls" spell from my captured Zombie but I was having issues with it last night. I close my eyes and see 4-of-a-kind skull matches, and despite the fact that the damn PSP has taken to resetting (I wonder if it's because of something stuck in the inside of the game; it was used and there's something in there that I'm going to have to get out with condensed air) I could NOT stop playing it for most of the weekend.

As for Patapon.. well.. it's been "claimed". My husband made off with it, so I guess I'll have more on that when I'm allowed to have it back.

I decided to get cracking on Apollo Justice, and now that I've made some progress, I'm starting to get hooked. Of course, nothing says "Awesome game" like "hunting for an oversize female gangster's missing underwear", no?

Seriously though, now that I've gotten through the first part of the first investigation, I'm getting more interested in the game and the story. Hopefully this momentum keeps up, because I want to know what's going on!

Can't it just be 5:00 yet? I want to go get Brawl and go home. :) (Plus I have laundry in the dryer that needs folded.)

MartinGUser: MartinG
Posted: March 10, 2008 (04:46 PM)
You have to admit that I totally warned you about the Puzzle Quest addiction. I've been playing that game for months now, hardly even bothering with all the optional spell research and weapon-forging, and EVEN focusing only on quests and never doing repeats I'm still only slightly near the end. This thing takes forever.

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