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Title: Being sick = no time for updates.
Posted: February 21, 2008 (06:33 PM)
Two weekends ago, it was a "lovely" case of the flu that my co-worker shared with the office. Thursday afternoon, she went home because she couldn't stay out of the ladies' room... by 4AM Friday morning I was down for the count all weekend. Well, aside from a brief trip out that Sunday to sign a lease on our new place. (Story on that in a second.)

So.. here it is.. another week.. and now I've got the cold/bronchitis that was being passed around. I have been off work all week, and the boss wants me to stay home until Monday. Blargh.

On the plus side, we got our state tax refund checks, and while we didn't go out for long, mostly just to cash said checks and get some more Gatorade.. we made one teeny-tiny little side trip.

I wound up with Warioware: Smooth Moves, Elebits & Professor Layton & the Curious Village. Add to that my copy of Apollo Justice, which should be delivered to the new place tomorrow - where I will be doing laundry in preparation for the Big Move this weekend.. and I'm in heaven. :D

Haven't tried either of the new Wii games yet but Professor Layton looks like it's going to be quite interesting.

As for why we're moving - well, when you have to call the police because it sounds like your neighbor is beating the shit out of his girlfriend and their dog, and they come over immediately after the cops leave and threaten you.. that's the first thing. I'm not a pushover but my husband works midnights and I don't want to be alone near people like that. That's the main reason, though insanely loud music and screaming from the apartments beside and below us with no action from the complex manager just caps it.

The new place is a little smaller but quieter, on a dead-end street where if the dog is barking, you can bet it's not because it's being kicked. So yeah. I am just trying to pack up what I can - the furniture goes this weekend so the last week before March 1 will be bringing over little stuff we missed & cleaning the place before we turn the keys in.

Wish us luck!

jiggsUser: jiggs
Posted: February 21, 2008 (09:45 PM)
yay you got elebits. youre in for one helluva wacky ride. my only problem with the game at times is the slow-down because...the action can get pretty wacky. good fun and so is Smooth Moves. i am curious about professor layton and would like to hear your impressions on it.

siara79User: siara79
Title: Hehe..
Posted: February 21, 2008 (10:16 PM)
I got a hell of a deal on Elebits. $13 used - which isn't bad considering it's still $50 new some places. :D Haven't tried it yet though. Professor Layton is fun so far but sometimes a bit aggravating. I'm one of those anal people who likes to have a "perfect" total so if I click on something and it springs a puzzle on me I get annoyed if I haven't remembered to save between. Otherwise, it's cleverly done and interesting to boot, so far. :)

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: February 22, 2008 (03:12 PM)
Looks like Nintendo wants to turn Professor Layton into a major new franchise, with the development of the sequel already well underway. If it's as cool a game as it seems, I wish them all the luck in the world with that.

Elebits is a great game, and has a multi-player mode to boot. So good find!

As for your living situation, my wife and I have so been there. It's a big reason we were so keen to move from our previous home. We really like where we are now, as long as we can afford it with me jobless. Our neighbors are all old enough that they don't party or beat wives/girlfriends, and our apartment management seems excellent. It's really perfect for us.

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