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sashanan Reviewer and FAQ writer. Productivity tends to be on the low side, but I'm an old hand, having been initially on GameFAQs and now both there and here long enough for most people to believe I've been around since the dawn of time. I'm also Dutch, I write software, and I'm something of an old school gamer with a nostalgic focus on the Commodore 64.

Title: Bad poetry warning
Posted: January 15, 2008 (02:20 AM)
There was a young man in Nantucket
who found an old game in a bucket
made screenshots - a few
then sent in his review
said if I have time, then I'll FAQ it

It being Montezuma's Revenge of course and the review is four - heck, no, it's 2008 now, FIVE years old. Even then I had vague plans to write a FAQ for it but you know how it is with me and plans. Nonetheless...it's once again a tempting thought, and it would be easier, at least, than trying to find some kind of newer game to write for. For instance Etrian Odyssey still has no full FAQ on GameFAQs, has virtually nothing in terms of contributions here, and I did recently finish it...but I'm not confident I'd be able to do a game like that justice.

Speaking of justice, I really need to get to work on that Phoenix Wright 3 FAQ I'm co-writing with siara79. But after that...maybe. Montezuma was always a favorite.


siara79User: siara79
Posted: January 15, 2008 (07:51 AM)
Don't you have work to do? ;)

You've only got a month before I send the new one out to you...

ItsatwapUser: Itsatwap
Title: Have you heard the one about the broom?
Posted: February 21, 2008 (09:47 PM)
Vaya con, old chap.

P.S. 8/10 for X-Wing? No, no.

aschultzUser: aschultz
Title: (late) Good poem.
Posted: February 25, 2008 (04:30 PM)
Too bad about Montezuma's Revenge. Maybe you'll pick it up one day.

I still have some FAQs I want to get through with, like actual creative walkthroughs.

Cool you're cowriting. I am cowriting a FAQ for Trolls on Treasure Island where we're correcting each other very well so far I think.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: March 02, 2008 (04:36 AM)
Now there's a name I haven't heard in a very long time (and I don't mean you, Schultz)...how's it going, Itsa? Any place I can contact you?

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