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sashanan Reviewer and FAQ writer. Productivity tends to be on the low side, but I'm an old hand, having been initially on GameFAQs and now both there and here long enough for most people to believe I've been around since the dawn of time. I'm also Dutch, I write software, and I'm something of an old school gamer with a nostalgic focus on the Commodore 64.

Title: Good old Impossible Mission.
Posted: November 07, 2007 (01:23 PM)
I was way too young when we first played that. Like everything else on our Commodore it was an illegal copy, of course, as everybody did at the time (and I was young enough to still believe that was the *intention* - I only wisened up to the reality of games being sold in stores a few years later). My father consistently misreferred to the game as Mission Impossible, obviously since he watched the series at the time (that WAS at that time, wasn't it?). My sister and I spoke no English at the time and we in turn bastardized the name to "Jimmy Possidoor", which we believed to be the name of the main character.

Memories like that should make it clear that my first brush with this game was more than 20 years ago, and to this date I can't finish the Commodore 64 original. Well, I did once on emulator with a trainerized ROM, but that doesn't count. It felt odd to play the DS version therefore and get through it so easily; I had fun, but after that I was disillusioned.

Worse, an oldschool game like this cannot AFFORD to be easy. RPGs nowadays last 100 hours all by themselves, but back in the eighties, a game only lasted as long as it took you to master it, so they had to make darn sure that took a while. Impossible Mission and basically any of the other top Commodore titles thrived only by virtue of challenge. Take the challenge, and you take the soul.

But it was still fun to play a borrowed cart.

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: November 07, 2007 (02:17 PM)
Very nicely stated. That would have made a great intro for your review.

siara79User: siara79
Title: Oddly enough..
Posted: November 27, 2007 (07:49 AM)
There was a Black Friday special over here, Gamestop exclusive - Impossible Mission (DS) for $9.99. I considered picking it up but as that would've required me to get my ass out of bed Friday morning, it wasn't happening. But still, if you ever DO want a copy of your own that means it's probably fairly cheap anyway...

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