Two plans, one reviewer.
September 28, 2015

Dutch comedian Harrie Jekkers complained in one of his shows that, through talking too quickly, he introduced two different stories and now has to pick what to tell about. (And immediately admits that this was quite intentional: "if I was ad libbing, things would get a whole lot more dirty.") Likewise I find myself with two review plans now: one that I picked up expecting Xenogears would take a while longer, and now that I DID end up beating that yesterday, we're up to two.

But I guess I need a little more time to gather my thoughts (and how best to express them) on Xenogears, so perhaps I'll run the other project first, for a classic NES game that my meager collection somehow includes. Still torn between two and three stars on that. I'd give it two and a half, but that's the easy way out, completely denying the value of having FIVE scores to pick from instead of ten by reintroducing halves as possibilities. It's not necessarily a good game, and it has problems, but I also like a few of the things they did. Three, then? Hrrm.

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