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Kentucky Route Zero, and the Dangers of Episodic Gaming
August 08, 2016

As much as I enjoyed Act IV of Kentucky Route Zero, I couldn’t but feel like there was something missing while I was playing it. The latest installment of Cardboard Computer’s low-key adventure game was released out of the blue last month after a two-year wait since the previous chapter. Just think about that for a second. An episodic game sold in installments went two whole years in between episodes. Back then, Donald Drumpf was still a joke in a “ha-ha” way, and not in an “oh fuck, he could actually become president this is horrific” sort of way. As memories fade, the basic emotions are what lasts the longest. I remember liking Kentucky Route Zero quite a bit. I remember appreciating its dreamlike Americana and that it had some sort of open world. I remember liking the game’s art style,

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Dangerous Golf Isn't Very Good, But Did I Expect Too Much?
July 05, 2016

An intricately decorated ballroom. A pristine kitchen filled to the brim with fresh food and clean cookware. A bathroom. You wouldn't expect the first game from some of the minds behind the legendary Burnout series to take place in these locales, but Dangerous Golf is a fairly surprising game.

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And That Was E3: Day 0
June 13, 2016

I still look forward to E3 every year, despite its decreasing significance. This year, I decided to write about the most exciting things I saw during the press conferences. And with that, here are the things that caught my eye the most:

Titanfall 2
I don’t own a Xbox One or a gaming pc, so I never played the original Titanfall. But I was super into the footage that they showed. Adding grappling hooks is always a smart design choice, and the increased mobility should lead to some really delightful chaos in multiplayer. Adding a single-player mode is a big plus, as well. As someone who is usually terrible at multiplayer in first-person shooters, having a story mode where I can play the game without dying all the time and being called racial epithets by strangers is a nice thing to have.

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So The PS4.5 is A Thing
April 19, 2016

There have been rumors regarding a new version of the Playstation 4 with higher quality hardware. But after Giant Bomb wrote a story about the new console’s specs, the question has become when, not if, Sony will officially announce this thing. I’m feeling very conflicted about this development.

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Thoughts on FIFA 16
October 17, 2015

FIFA 16 is a very good game. The graphics and presentation remain excellent. The no-touch dribbling is a fantastic addition to the repertoire of skill moves. The A.I., rather than stop and stare vacantly as opposing players ran past them with ease, actually try to defend. They finally added women’s teams! For all of these reasons, as well as my addiction to the beautiful game, this game will consume a large chunk of my life for the next year. But the improvements in gameplay, unfortunately, make the lack of innovation in certain areas all the more glaring.

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