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You are currently looking through staff reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Remember Me (PC)

Remember Me review (PC)

Reviewed on July 06, 2013

It's not dull; it's too varied for that. What it's lacking, though, is anything that truly makes it stand out on the gameplay front. It would have only taken one thing to elevate this material, and the memory remix levels almost do that, but there are only four of them, in a campaign that'll run you nine or ten hours to complete.
Suskie's avatar
Formation Z (NES)

Formation Z review (NES)

Reviewed on June 21, 2013

It came from the Arcades of Japan. I wish it had stayed there.
EmP's avatar
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (NES)

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu review (NES)

Reviewed on June 20, 2013

Itís entirely possible that this game isnít based on the real life of Jackie Chan.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES)

Double Dragon II: The Revenge review (NES)

Reviewed on June 20, 2013

Double Dragon II is the quintessential example of what a video game sequel should be.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Mega Man (NES)

Mega Man review (NES)

Reviewed on June 20, 2013

I donít think that the first Mega Man game holds up as well as many of its sequels did, but itís still a fun and challenging title.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (NES)

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones review (NES)

Reviewed on June 20, 2013

I spent so many years of my life convincing myself that I loved Double Dragon 3. I see now the error of my ways.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Over Horizon (NES)

Over Horizon review (NES)

Reviewed on June 20, 2013

The next level drops you into an icy cavern where you'll find yourself shooting blocks to temporarily move them out of the way so that you can slip through the gaps before the ice returns to its original position. When you get used to doing that, you'll confront small machines capable of also moving the blocks ó except they kick the dang things right into you, which keeps you on your toes.
overdrive's avatar
Home Alone (NES)

Home Alone review (NES)

Reviewed on June 20, 2013

"Kevin's home alone, and he's only 8-bit!"
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Bomberman (NES)

Bomberman review (NES)

Reviewed on June 17, 2013

The surprisingly strong start of the long-running series. Multiplayer sold separately.
Roto13's avatar
Mighty Final Fight (NES)

Mighty Final Fight review (NES)

Reviewed on June 14, 2013

Mighty Final Fight is a prime example of what happens when a developer competently ports a big game to a smaller platform.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Double Dragon (NES)

Double Dragon review (NES)

Reviewed on June 14, 2013

Double Dragon was an instant arcade classic that has been ported to a multitude of consoles over the years.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Crash 'N the Boys Street Challenge (NES)

Crash 'N the Boys Street Challenge review (NES)

Reviewed on June 14, 2013

As a party game, Crash ĎN the Boys: Street Challenge could be a blast. Itís designed for trash talking and the raucous shenanigans that occur when four gamers crowd around a TV.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Hudson Hawk (NES)

Hudson Hawk review (NES)

Reviewed on June 14, 2013

Lame Duck.
EmP's avatar
Binary Land (NES)

Binary Land review (NES)

Reviewed on June 13, 2013

How did penguins and spiders even end up in the same place?
Roto13's avatar
Blaster Master (NES)

Blaster Master review (NES)

Reviewed on June 09, 2013

Iíve come back to Blaster Master time and time again, and Iíve never gotten tired of it. To me, thatís the true definition of a video game classic.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Adventure Island II (NES)

Adventure Island II review (NES)

Reviewed on June 06, 2013

Adventure Island II is the game Adventure Island wanted to be. The first game was only worth playing for the novelty of its unreasonable difficulty, but this one is worth playing because itís actually good.
Whelk's avatar
Space Megaforce (SNES)

Space Megaforce review (SNES)

Reviewed on June 06, 2013

At heart, everything about this level is pretty simple and basic ó heck, its boss fight really isn't much more than a large collection of those guns you'd been blasting on the station's surface for much of the level ó but the presentation makes it feel like so much more; like you're actually waging a one-man assault on a giant enemy base.
overdrive's avatar
Devil World (NES)

Devil World review (NES)

Reviewed on June 01, 2013

Dante was wrong. Hell only has three levels.
Roto13's avatar
Lunar Pool (NES)

Lunar Pool review (NES)

Reviewed on June 01, 2013

There isn't too much more you can really say about Lunar Pool, except that it's a generally fun game. If you like pool-- or perhaps mini-golf-- then it's hard to go wrong with it, especially if you can find it cheap. It welcomes newcomers and pros alike, and for a pool game which dares to reach beyond the normal boundaries, it does its job well.
LBD_Nytetrayn's avatar
Resident Evil: Revelations (Xbox 360)

Resident Evil: Revelations review (X360)

Reviewed on May 28, 2013

For a handheld to produce the best Resident Evil in nearly a decade while its console big brothers are all banging pots and setting off fireworks is pretty badass. Now that it's actually on consoles, though, with the higher standards that a port job like this demands, it just feels like another addition to an increasingly long list of missed opportunities.
Suskie's avatar

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