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You are currently looking through staff reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Casino Kid (NES)

Casino Kid review (NES)

Reviewed on May 20, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a poker or blackjack game that feels a lot like a JRPG in the vein of Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy? If so, you're in luck because Sofel provides exactly that in its overlooked NES classic, Casino Kid.
LBD_Nytetrayn's avatar
Pooyan (NES)

Pooyan review (NES)

Reviewed on May 20, 2013

Pooyan is one of those games that only ends when you die, which means, whatever you do, your children will be devoured by wolves. Grim!
Roto13's avatar
10-Yard Fight (NES)

10-Yard Fight review (NES)

Reviewed on May 20, 2013

10-Yard Fight's primitive presentation and mechanics are more detrimental to the game than favorable.
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Kick Master (NES)

Kick Master review (NES)

Reviewed on May 17, 2013

With a name like Kick Master, you pretty much know exactly what you’re going to get.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Blades of Steel (NES)

Blades of Steel review (NES)

Reviewed on May 17, 2013

Grab a couple controllers, a couple of drinks, and a couple of good buds and spend an evening working on that slapshot. You won’t regret it.
AlphaNerd's avatar
Comix Zone (Genesis)

Comix Zone review (GEN)

Reviewed on May 17, 2013

Comix Zone, a three-issue miniseries that sadly never became an ongoing title.
Roto13's avatar
Lemmings (NES)

Lemmings review (NES)

Reviewed on May 17, 2013

There are only so many times you can listen to the Can-Can while your precious lemmings are murdered.
space_dust's avatar
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS)

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move review (3DS)

Reviewed on May 13, 2013

Yet another 3DS eShop puzzler that comes out of nowhere and is tons of fun.
Roto13's avatar
Metro: Last Light (PC)

Metro: Last Light review (PC)

Reviewed on May 13, 2013

With every journey to the surface, the Moscow skyline is presented as something awe-inspiring yet imposing, and yet it is only ever seen through the cracked visor of a gas mask – a visor that you must frequently, manually wipe clean of dirt and blood. Should you get too absorbed, the clock on your filter quite literally reminds you that your time spent up here is limited – that for as dank and gloomy as Moscow's subway system is, that's where humanity belongs now.
Suskie's avatar
Astro Robo Sasa (NES)

Astro Robo Sasa review (NES)

Reviewed on May 12, 2013

Flying with weapon recoil is an interesting idea that has now been used and never needs to be revisited. Thanks, Astro Robo Sasa.
Roto13's avatar
Commando (NES)

Commando review (NES)

Reviewed on May 11, 2013

What sets Commando apart from its contemporaries is the sheer intensity of the action
space_dust's avatar
Vay (Sega CD)

Vay review (SCD)

Reviewed on May 11, 2013

And then, right in the middle of all of that are light-hearted elements such as a horribly flatulent fairy who propels you across an ocean with her gas, a random encounter bull-man called "Retardotaur" and random townspeople who break the fourth wall to remind you that you're playing a video game. Wacky stuff like this works in a game like EarthBound, because most of that game has a somewhat whimsical outlook on things. With Vay, it's just distracting nonsense, like if Hamlet took a pie to the face while staring at Ophelia's body.
overdrive's avatar
Mappy (NES)

Mappy review (NES)

Reviewed on May 11, 2013

So hey, how's that Mappy Championship Edition game coming along, Namco? ... Namco...?
Roto13's avatar
Zeno Clash II (PC)

Zeno Clash II review (PC)

Reviewed on May 08, 2013

It's bigger, badder, and WTFier, but it still needs some fine-tuning.
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (PlayStation 3)

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut review (PS3)

Reviewed on May 07, 2013

When local woman Anna Graham is found strung up to a tree and completely gutted, FBI agent Francis York Morgan (York, for short) is called to the little mountain hamlet of Greenvale to investigate. Greenvale is no ordinary town, which is perfect for York since he’s no ordinary federal agent.
JayButton's avatar
Labyrinth X (Xbox 360)

Labyrinth X review (X360)

Reviewed on May 04, 2013

Trial and error so tedious, it even takes the gleam off barely-covered anime tits.
EmP's avatar
Captain Commando (SNES)

Captain Commando review (SNES)

Reviewed on May 04, 2013

Not only was blood removed from the game, but the boss named "Blood" got his name changed to the less-intimidating "Boots" (to reflect his kick-heavy offense).
overdrive's avatar
E.V.O.: The Search for Eden (SNES)

E.V.O.: The Search for Eden review (SNES)

Reviewed on May 01, 2013

E.V.O.: The Search for Eden really shouldn’t be fun. It’s an Action-RPG with almost no redeeming qualities, save for its one highly enjoyable system of evolution. The developers seem to have made the game entirely dependent on that feature, and amazingly, their gambit worked. Even though almost all of the gameplay consists of grinding for EVO (evolution) points to further tweak your Darwinian nightmare, the promise of that next upgrade is just enough motivation to keep playing. I find it ironic that a game about evolution would survive purely by appealing to an obscure niche.
Whelk's avatar
Gargoyle's Quest II (NES)

Gargoyle's Quest II review (NES)

Reviewed on April 30, 2013

Released towards the end of the NES’ reign, Gargoyle’s Quest 2 was largely overlooked, in part because the original Game Boy title that preceded it was not exactly a household name.
AlphaNerd's avatar
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown review (PC)

Reviewed on April 30, 2013

Whoops! Did you forget to upgrade your interceptors? Because now there's a UFO over Russia that you're not equipped to take down, and transferring or manufacturing more jets will take more time than you have. Oh, and the craft is going to shoot down your satellite. Oh, and Russia will pull its funding if that happens.
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