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Mystery House (Apple II)

Mystery House review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

Herschell Gordon Lewis retrospectively described his pioneering 1963 splatter film 'Blood Feast' in the following manner:
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Lady Tut (Apple II)

Lady Tut review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

“Na-na na-na na-na-na! Na-na-na! Na-na-na”
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Kung Fu Master (Apple II)

Kung Fu Master review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

Kung Fu Master reminds me of the glory days in the 1980s when my favourite personal computer, the Apple II, co-ruled the roost with the Commodore 64 in terms of snapping up ports of popular arcade titles. As the 1990s approached, the eight-bit Apple II would begin to struggle badly to deal with the ports of the more technically demanding games being thrown at it, and bizarrely, nearly all of these titles came from Data East. From Ikari Warriors to Robocop... On the Apple, none of these ar...
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Karateka (Apple II)

Karateka review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

'Focus your will on your objective. Put fear and self-concern behind you, accepting death as a possibility. This is the way of the Karateka.'
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Eamon (Apple II)

Eamon review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

"EAMON is a computerized version of what are called 'Fantasy Role-Playing Games.' When you enter the universe of one of these games, you are no longer John (or Jane) Smith, mild-mannered computer hobbyist. Instead, you become a character in a land of adventure, doing almost anything you want to."
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Chivalry (Apple II)

Chivalry review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

KNAVE! Didst thou believe that Mario and his ilk brought party games and 'minigames' to the gaming world? Thine own eyes and ears deceive thee yet again. Ye should know that the first true party game - that is, a die-rolling boardgame concept for multiple players, crammed with arcade mini-games - was Chivalry for the Apple II, released in 1983 by Optimum Resource. If thou canst find a TRUE example of an arcade-board-party game hailing from an even earlier time, I'll eat yon squire's hat! ...
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Canyon Climber (Apple II)

Canyon Climber review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

Canyon Climber is the second-worst game ever made for the Apple II. The worst would have to be U.F.O., but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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Beer Run (Apple II)

Beer Run review (APP2)

Reviewed on February 06, 2004

Sirius Software's 1982 advertising material called platformer Beer Run 'a light-headed game of suspense.' Certainly the beer puns could flow thick and fast and in a sort of yeasty fashion where this game is concerned. But except for the twin schticks of cuteness and having a really cool title, Beer Run is one of Sirius Software's most minor efforts for the Apple II, and the surprise is that it's so slight that it just doesn't prompt any alcohol-related humour at all.
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Mega Man: The Power Battle (Arcade)

Mega Man: The Power Battle review (ARC)

Reviewed on February 04, 2004

Adventure after adventure finds the Blue Bomber forced to struggle through a thematic assemblage of booby traps and scatterbrained minions before battling the stage's final Robot Master face-to-face. Questions run through my mind when I ponder this fact, such as:
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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (PC)

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines review (PC)

Reviewed on February 04, 2004

''Okay men, it doesn't look good... Our spy got killed trying to steal an enemy uniform. Our truck was blown up with our driver in it. The marine and me are left stranded in this building, and the sapper and the sniper are left hiding in the ruins, with an enemy patrol heading straight for them. There's only one thing for it....''
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Connections (PC)

Connections review (PC)

Reviewed on February 04, 2004

There are some words that, while individually appear harmless, placed together make a terrifying combination. It's like putting ingredients for a bomb together, or something. One of those words is 'Educational'. Sure, it may bring up memories of days at school where the teacher who you know hated you more than everyone else made you read your 'F' grade homework to the class, after which the school bully hung you up by the underpants, but as a word it's not all that offensive. Another word is 'ga...
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Dungeon Keeper (PC)

Dungeon Keeper review (PC)

Reviewed on February 04, 2004

Most games cast you as a simpering, whiter-than-white hero, who (most RPG games excepting) has virtually no character flaws and is always tall and handsome, or thin and pretty. The sort of people who in real life everyone would just hate ! And so it is with great pleasure that I tell you that Dungeon Keeper by Bullfrog encourages you to bring merry hell upon these people, and then some. At last, justice is served.... on a platter!
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The Curse of Monkey Island (PC)

The Curse of Monkey Island review (PC)

Reviewed on February 04, 2004

A quick recap: (This paragraph contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the first 2 Monkey Island Games - you have been warned). The Monkey Island saga features Guybrush Threepwood, a young pirate, LeChuck, his undead nemesis, and Elaine, his true love. In the first game, Guybrush is a fairly young boy who wants to become a pirate. You take control as Guybrush arrives on Męlče Island, hoping to achieve this lofty goal. While on the island he meets and falls in love with Elaine Marley, the governor of the isl...
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The Secret of Monkey Island (PC)

The Secret of Monkey Island review (PC)

Reviewed on February 04, 2004

It would be easy to simply fill this review up with pirate-y puns and lame pirate or monkey related jokes (after all, that's what the game did). I'll try my best not to though!
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Seasons of the Sakura (PC)

Seasons of the Sakura review (PC)

Reviewed on February 02, 2004

I look at Seasons of the Sakura and I think to myself, ''hey, this is bad! I'm doing more for these anime girls than I would probably do for real ones!''
dogma's avatar
19XX: The War Against Destiny (Arcade)

19XX: The War Against Destiny review (ARC)

Reviewed on January 30, 2004

Sometimes, it’s amazing how one little section of a video game can completely alter one’s perspective of it. It can be amazing how a game that could be considered nothing more than decent can suddenly take on a whole new life because one sparkling effort by the programmers was pulled off so unbelievably well that the entire experience is enriched.
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1944: The Loop Master (Arcade)

1944: The Loop Master review (ARC)

Reviewed on January 29, 2004

When playing 1944: The Loopmaster, the fourth game in Capcom’s World War II series of shoot-em-up’s, one thought should be in the head of any American citizen...
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SimCity 4 (Mac)

SimCity 4 review (MAC)

Reviewed on January 28, 2004

Ah, another SimCity has been released. This is one of the few games that feature no ending, no real violence, and can keep yourself glued to the computer screen until you suffer severe eyestrain. Throughout the years, this franchise has made a phenomenal impact on the world of gaming. The original SimCity was an incredibly revolutionary game for its day. Compared to other games during this period, the original SimCity was vastly superior in many aspects, primarily its gameplay. The...
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Call of Duty (PC)

Call of Duty review (PC)

Reviewed on January 25, 2004

Just over the horizon you can faintly make out the wreckage and ruins of Stalingrad. As the ferry transports you and two dozen nervous soldiers to the urban battlefield the commissar reads Comrade Stalin’s latest decree; not a step backwards! The commissar assures you of Mother Russia’s courage, but just as he does, a German Stuka dive bombs on your boat and half of your fellow soldiers lie dead. As the plane turns around for another attack, some soldiers jump out of the ferry in panic. “Tr...
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Imogen (PC)

Imogen review (PC)

Reviewed on January 22, 2004

Freeware is the refuge of the broke of pocket. Or the tech-savvy brokenicks, at least. Oh, sure, there's ROMs and abandonware out there too, but I was over so budget enough this month that I got wary at the thought of handling anything that might have once cost money.
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