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You are currently looking through all reviews for PC games. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

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Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (PC)

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition review (PC)

Reviewed on September 03, 2018

A big budget love letter (in perhaps the best way possible)
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Alone K.W. (PC)

Alone K.W. review (PC)

Reviewed on September 01, 2018

The scariest thing you'll encounter involves a magically appearing dumpster. That should tell you all you need to know.
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Nogalious (PC)

Nogalious review (PC)

Reviewed on August 27, 2018

It only looks like a good time.
Masters's avatar
AstroViking (PC)

AstroViking review (PC)

Reviewed on August 26, 2018

Dodging bullets and boredom.
Masters's avatar
Dungeon Girl (PC)

Dungeon Girl review (PC)

Reviewed on August 22, 2018

Dungeon Mistress
EmP's avatar
Life is Strange (PC)

Life is Strange review (PC)

Reviewed on August 19, 2018

Life Ain't Grand
Follow_Freeman's avatar
Monster Hunter: World (PC)

Monster Hunter: World review (PC) feedback bubble

Reviewed on August 18, 2018

Plagued with some connectivity issues, I still find this game a great balance between challenge and fun factor.
Zydrate's avatar

IRO HERO review (PC)

Reviewed on August 16, 2018

Only The Skilled and The Patient need apply.
Masters's avatar
Postal 2 (PC)

Postal 2 review (PC)

Reviewed on August 15, 2018

Offense Culture Trolling 101
darketernal's avatar
Lust for Darkness (PC)

Lust for Darkness review (PC)

Reviewed on August 13, 2018

Yet another standard horror walking simulator (now with more humping)
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Avencast: Rise of the Mage (PC)

Avencast: Rise of the Mage review (PC)

Reviewed on August 10, 2018

Yer a Diablo clone, Harry.
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Pokemon Uranium (PC)

Pokemon Uranium review (PC) feedback bubble

Reviewed on August 06, 2018

PU: A Nuclear Waste
Follow_Freeman's avatar


Reviewed on July 31, 2018

Genre expanding.
Masters's avatar
Super Rad Raygun (PC)

Super Rad Raygun review (PC)

Reviewed on July 29, 2018

Colour me impressed. Kind of.
Masters's avatar
1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

1979 Revolution: Black Friday review (PC)

Reviewed on July 29, 2018

The People's Army Will Remember That
EmP's avatar
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic review (PC) feedback bubble

Reviewed on July 28, 2018

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away where the BioWare name meant something...
MirdBird's avatar
Unreal Tournament (PC)

Unreal Tournament review (PC) feedback bubble

Reviewed on July 22, 2018

Eternal Tournament
Follow_Freeman's avatar
Virginia (PC)

Virginia review (PC) feedback bubble

Reviewed on July 22, 2018

There is no gameplay. Only Zuul.
Flobknocker's avatar
Conan Exiles (PC)

Conan Exiles review (PC) feedback bubble

Reviewed on July 20, 2018

Another successful Early Access story. A laggy ARK-like survival game, offers a lot of fun.
Zydrate's avatar
Agony (PC)

Agony review (PC)

Reviewed on July 18, 2018

Abandon hope all ye who select 'new game'
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar

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