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You are currently looking through all reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by mariner and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
F-Zero X (Nintendo 64)

F-Zero X review (N64)

Reviewed on Date Unknown

This game is guaranteed to be a challenge for anyone, no matter how talented you are. And that is most definitely a good thing.
Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64)

Jet Force Gemini review (N64)

Reviewed on Date Unknown

The aggravating backtracking and such makes the game’s fun factor take a nose dive. But, if you don't mind not finishing the game, it's still an incredible experience while the fun lasts. It just so happens that the fun doesn't last throughout the entire game.
Dr. Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Dr. Mario 64 review (N64)

Reviewed on Date Unknown

On the other hand, it is pleasantly addicting. It’s fairly relaxing to play, and it’s nice to watch you progress towards victory. Tetris may be harrowing and frantic at times, but this is much more laid back.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask review (N64)

Reviewed on Date Unknown

The game seems to focus a lot on Link’s character. Tatl (the fairy) in particular does an excellent job commentating, and was much more interesting than Navi. The notebook system also lets us see the more human (or Hylian, as the case may be) side of Link.
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Nintendo 64)

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire review (N64)

Reviewed on Date Unknown

Jumping is virtually impossible, and it’s even worse when you get to the jetpack. I abhor games with bad controls, so you can bet that this one won’t make me happy. Falling off a cliff a couple dozen times because Dash doesn’t understand that difficult concept we call jumping is not great gameplay in my book.

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