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You are currently looking through all reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by falsehead and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (PlayStation)

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

And so it did come to pass in the early days of the PlayStation’s existence in the United Kingdom (1996) two fighting games based on the obscure Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball were released. And lo due to the fact no one in the UK had heard of Dragon Ball they didst sinketh without trace. But now fast forward six years to 2002 and we find that Dragon Ball Z has become a cult favourite on various UK satellite channels and those once forgotten games are now changing hands on eBay for upwards of £50....
Dead or Alive (PlayStation)

Dead or Alive review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

There are two things that really stand out in the fighting game Dead or Alive for the PlayStation One. First of all you cannot help but be impressed by the sumptuous graphics, than come a close second to Tekken 3 for title of tastiest looking psx fighter. Secondly, you’ll notice that unlike other many other fighting games this one builds its fighting engine around grabs, reversals and counters.
Darkstalkers (PlayStation)

Darkstalkers review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Most 2D fighting games are about as much fun to play as having rivets fired into your skull while watching paint dry. Dull, painful and only for the dedicated masochist. However, there are exceptions to this rule and Darkstalkers is one of those.
Bloody Roar (PlayStation)

Bloody Roar review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Fighting games these days often need a gimmick to set them apart from the madding crowd. If you’re not Streetfighter, Tekken or (bleh) Virtua Fighter then you're going to have trouble attracting your average gamers attention. SO some pretty outlandish concepts have been tried out over the years. King of the ridiculous beat 'em up concept it Bloody Roar. This sees you start a fight as a normal human, then as you take a pummelling you gain the ability to change into an animal/human hybrid. This is...
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (Sega Master System)

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap review (SMS)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

There’s no justice in the world. Wonderboy III the Dragons Trap is hands-down one of the best ever platform games on ANY system. Yet unlike the overrated Mario games, it only has a small band of cult followers. An elite few who believe that Wonderboy III is a delicious mixture of puzzling, fighting and exploring that combines superb graphics with great music and highly original game play aspects. In short Wonderboy III is brilliant. Only the fact it wasn’t made by Nintendo has seen it ignored in...
Psycho Fox (Sega Master System)

Psycho Fox review (SMS)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

I read some silly plots in videogames during the years I’ve played them, but Psycho Fox must take the cake for sheer east meets west oddness. Psycho Fox is a game with a sense of humour. Right from the description of the game on the back of the box you can tell this is a game not taking itself to seriously. If I may quote a little of games description from the box sleeve maybe you to will see that this is one tongue in cheek platformer!
Enduro Racer (Sega Master System)

Enduro Racer review (SMS)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Most young girls growing up probably get to experience all kinds of girly things. They fantasise about ponies, go to ballet and generally do all the frilly things that normal, well-adjusted parents encourage in small females. Well luckily my parents are maladjusted weirdo's. So instead of playing with Barbie's and spending weekends baking cookies with my Mum, I spent much of my childhood down big holes with a lamp Caving or halfway up a remote hillside in northwest England watching motorbikes ju...
Ground Zero Texas (Sega CD)

Ground Zero Texas review (SCD)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Before I tackle this vile piece of software in detail I'd like to indulge in a bit of historical scene setting, just to hammer home how awful this ''game'' is.
Virtual Hydlide (Saturn)

Virtual Hydlide review (SAT)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

How to explain the appeal of Virtual Hydlide? How can I possibly justify encouraging you to play a game that by any measure is utterly worthless, terrible and diabolical. Maybe I can’t persuade you to play it, maybe that’s for the best. But what I can do is explain to you why I adore this miserable piece of software so bear with me while I marshal the case for the defence. I may resort to excess verbiage and discombobulating text, but when cliché writes the script, subtlety exits through the Fre...
XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association (PlayStation 2)

XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

It must be difficult trying to create a futuristic racing game. You're always going to be facing two main problems. First of all, the fact that the majority of gamers prefer to race a Fiat Punto around the streets of Tokyo than a turbo powered rocket sled around a made up track. Secondly, for those who do enjoy futuristic racing games, they are always going to be comparing your product to the two genre leaders, Wipeout on the Sony systems and F-Zero on Nintendo's consoles.
NBA Jam (PlayStation 2)

NBA Jam review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

NBA Jam 2004 is the latest update of a long-running basketball game franchise. The series first debuted back in the arcades and stood out from other sporting games by having a distinctly over-the-top nature nature. Players could catch fire and become awesomely unstoppable, huge super-dunks could be performed and the digitized player graphics and manic commentary impressed many people. It was then carried onto various 16bit consoles and is fondly remembered. Although it started out owned by Midwa...
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 2)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is set in 1986. Its still gives me the occasional mortality crisis when I realise many of you playing this game where only tiny children or maybe not even born during these times. I was twelve in 1986. I remember it all, the clothes, the cars, the music (oh boy do I remember the music), the mobile phones the size of bricks, the Commodore 64 (from the ''loading screen'') and I even watched the cop show Miami Vice, which is an acknowledged influence on the game.
Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)

Final Fantasy X review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Final Fantasy X is the tenth game in Squaresofts long running role playing game series. Over the past ten years the series has evolved across four console formats. NES, Super NES, PlayStation and with this latest installment PlayStation 2. This finally arrived in the UK, one year after its Japanese release and six months after its USA release.
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (PlayStation 2)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Being a Dragon Ball fan and also an avid gamer, you tend to get used to disappointment. Many Dragon Ball games have been released in the west since the anime series finally made it to US and UK screens (albeit in cut down and censored versions) and in every single case they have barely average in quality, in fact most were barely playable, so riddled were they with sloppy and lazy programming. So I honestly wasn't expecting much when I got my copy of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 to play, especially ...
Dungeon Keeper 2 (PC)

Dungeon Keeper 2 review (PC)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Dungeon Keeper 2 is quite simply one of my favorite games. It was the sequel to the hugely popular Dungeon Keeper 1 and improves so much on that already excellent game that it has achieved the status of pure strategy game heaven. Ironic really when the game sees you take on the role of the Keeper of an underground dungeon dedicated to smiting the forces of good and establishing your evil reign across the land!
Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)

Pokemon Snap review (N64)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Pokemon Snap is a curious, shallow, yet completely addictive and very unusual game. If you haven't heard of Pokemon then you are probably a member of the House of Lords, or dead. Or possibly both. Pokemon Snap takes the pocket monsters franchise off in an unusual direction. Into the genre of the Shoot 'em Up.
Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

Goldeneye 007 review (N64)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Welcome Mr. Bond we have been expecting you for quite some time (strokes large white Persian Cat). You've given me quite a difficult task I can tell you. Trying to summarise the genius of your 1997 outing ''Goldeneye'' on the N64 has come close to defeating my reviewing powers. Yes, words have nearly failed me as many times I sat at my PC and tried to explain just why the First Person Shooter game starring your suave Peirce Brosnan persona is one of my favourite games of all time. But now I t...
Iron Soldier (Jaguar)

Iron Soldier review (JAG)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Iron Soldier is considered to be one of the better games to appear on Atari's ill-fated Jaguar console. However that really isn't saying much. Although the console was touted as 64 bit, you wouldn't think it to look at the graphics in Iron Soldier, but more on that later.
Flip Out! (Jaguar)

Flip Out! review (JAG)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

When I purchased Flip Out, a puzzle game for the Atari Jaguar, my expectations were not high. Classic puzzle games like Tetris, Bust A Move and Chu Chu Rocket are already part of gaming legend. Flip Out is not, and with good reason. It is one of the most ill-conceived, badly designed and just plain crappy games I have ever played.
Cybermorph (Jaguar)

Cybermorph review (JAG)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Indulge me as I start this review by talking about marketing tactics. My reasoning will soon become clear. When Nintendo wanted to boost sales of their ailing N64 console in the UK they produced special promotional packs that included a top N64 title into the bargain. For example, Goldeneye or Mario 64. Buy the console and get a classic game into the bargain. A great way of stimulating interest and showing off the very best your console has to offer.

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