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Available Reviews
Super Metroid (SNES)

Super Metroid review (SNES)

Reviewed on October 09, 2007

It’s raining. Not like a little sprinkle or a fine drizzle, but an all-out torrent. The water is running steadily down the sides of Samus Aran’s spaceship, sending mini-waterfalls cascading to the muddy ground below. No one is going to mind, though. The natives of Zebes have long since cleared out of here. The only welcoming committee Samus could have expected included a bunch of laser gun-toting Space Pirates and a host of intergalactic monstrosities. But right now, there’s only this vas...
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (PlayStation 2)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 review (PS2)

Reviewed on September 02, 2007

Your arm has been torn open. It could be worse; at least the wound wasn’t on your wrist. Of course, that doesn’t make the raw meat that was once your bicep feel any better. Somewhere in the lower recesses of your mind, you understand that you’ve gone into shock. You’re vaguely aware of the burning pain pulsing from your ruined limb, and of the blood dripping – no, pouring - out of you. Any second now, the monsters will swoop in and devour you like a flesh-flavored candy bar. As their vaca...
Violence Fight (Arcade)

Violence Fight review (ARC)

Reviewed on August 20, 2007

I was trying to think up a good intro for this. You know, something that had to do with the story, maybe a little descriptive scene. Unfortunately, no words can quite describe the plot of Violence Fight, so here it is, taken directly from the game itself:
Growl (Genesis)

Growl review (GEN)

Reviewed on August 14, 2007

It’s just another day at the office at the Ranger Corps. You and three of your Indiana Jones-wannabe coworkers are sitting back at the bar, enjoying some good beer and watching the Congo sun slowly descend into the horizon. Somewhere in the middle of this alcoholic fog, a young woman enters the room. She’s tall, blonde, and wearing one of the most crudely drawn suit and skirt sprites you’ve ever seen. But as you can take in her lovely curves and legs that stretch on forever, she utters a scratch...
Kuri Kinton (Arcade)

Kuri Kinton review (ARC)

Reviewed on August 12, 2007

He can see it now. It looks like a tiny, rusted shack, but it’s actually the entrance to one of the most extensive underground fortresses in the world. You’d think that criminal masterminds would come up with a less obvious entryway (because we all know that little shacks in the middle of the desert are so commonplace), but none of that matters now. Kuri Kinton zooms forth on his oversized motorcycle, leaps over a rocky embankment, and charges toward his fate. About halfway there, he rele...
Oregon Trail (Apple II)

Oregon Trail review (APP2)

Reviewed on July 23, 2007

You’re less than a day out of Independence, Missouri, and you’ve already got a problem. Less than a hundred feet away from you, a massive river separates you from the vast expanse of the American frontier. The midmorning sun is reflecting off the frothy waves, a vision of the beauty and natural splendor that awaits you on your journey. Despite such appearances, however, this river can spell your utter doom. You’ve got a few options. You can try to ford the river, forcing the few wagons in your p...
Pokémon Battle Revolution (Wii)

Pokémon Battle Revolution review (WII)

Reviewed on July 08, 2007

As dusk falls over the city of Poketopia, the streets are abuzz with activity. People of all ages wander through the brightly lit streets, gazing at the all the flashing neon lights, massive balloon floats, and plenty of other distractions. Children are happily guzzling down soda and cotton candy, dragging their parents from one store window to the next. Clean-cut street vendors are wandering around with just about every souvenir possible, be it an “I <3 Pokemon” t-shirt to an assortment of jang...
Crimson Tears (PlayStation 2)

Crimson Tears review (PS2)

Reviewed on July 07, 2007

Tokyo has seen better days. Somewhere in urban sprawl of seedy karaoke bars and flocks of gothic lolitas, someone has figured out a way to create virtual reality labyrinths. It’s not like society has any practical use for such scientific advancements; ever since the dimensional-warping technology went haywire, the entire city has been reduced to a desolate concrete wasteland. In fact, the entire planet is now little more than a jumbled mess of shifting dimensional rifts haunted by mutated freaks...
Just Cause (PlayStation 2)

Just Cause review (PS2)

Reviewed on June 24, 2007

As the sun rises over the nation of San Esperito, the local townsfolk prepare for another day of senseless bloodshed. Drug traffickers and petty criminals have long overrun the land, turning into it their own private haven. Things have gotten so corrupt that even the President Mendoza is in on the action. Meanwhile, innocent civilians are being gunned down by the dozens, la policia are idly standing by, and poverty continues to run rampant. Indeed, things look pretty grim. Along a curving...
Chaos Legion (PlayStation 2)

Chaos Legion review (PS2)

Reviewed on June 23, 2007

Meet Sieg Warheit. Despite his fancy title of the Dark Knight of Glyph, his job basically involves kicking evil’s ass. Armed with little more than a glowing sword, divine magic, and a flowing cape, Sieg has to wander through medieval Europe and annihilate all the demons roaming the countryside. While brutally slaughtering hordes of random evil beings is little more than a day at the office for him, Sieg’s latest assignment is a bit more intriguing. An angst-ridden villain (who happens to be his ...
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS (DS)

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS review (DS)

Reviewed on June 17, 2007

SNK vs. Capcom. That phrase conjures up images of dozens of martial artists slaughtering each other with a slew of fireballs and flurries of kicks and punches. Those epic clashes were a fighting game fan’s dream come true; who could imagine that Street Fighter’s Ryu would ever trade blows with Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard? Accordingly, the crossover games were a huge success; they were so popular that they even got their own spin-off titles. Thus SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighter’s Clash...
Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior (Arcade)

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior review (ARC)

Reviewed on June 14, 2007

Poor Robert. He’s the secondary hero of the Art of Fighting series, but nobody really cares about him. The games are focused more on Ryo, the main hero, and his ability to kick evil’s ass throughout the city of Southtown. The only things that Robert has going for him are a vast amount of wealth, facial features worthy of a Spanish soap opera heartthrob, designer jeans (because you have to look stylish when you’re beating criminals to a bloody pulp), and the fact that Ryo’s little s...
Planet Puzzle League (DS)

Planet Puzzle League review (DS)

Reviewed on June 10, 2007

Once upon a time, Panel de Pon (and its American counterpart Tetris Attack) ruled supreme over the puzzle gaming genre. At first glance, the game didn’t seem like much; what’s so great about switching a bunch of rainbow-colored blocks around the screen while a gang of fairy kids cheered you on? While it had a presentation childish enough to send insecure male gamers running for the nearest gore-heavy fighter, Panel de Pon had an ace up its sleeve: pure, unbridled addictivene...
Egg Monster Hero (DS)

Egg Monster Hero review (DS)

Reviewed on May 28, 2007

The Almamoon Kingdom is in trouble. No, there aren't invading troops led by an evil warlord. There is no famine, pestilence is under control, and the only epidemic around is the flu during wintertime. The problem lay with Almamoon’s leadership (or rather, the lack of it). After inheriting the position from his father, the prince of Almamoon has been shirking his royal duties. He spends his days snoozing on the throne, chowing down everything edible in sight, and completely ignoring his education...
Dual Blades (Game Boy Advance)

Dual Blades review (GBA)

Reviewed on May 27, 2007

Meet Alperen. He’s the villain of Dual Blades, the wielder of a powerful weapon of the same name. He doesn’t actually use two swords, though; he somehow stumbled across a mystical blade, sold his soul to claim it, and thus created the legendary sword. In return, the Dual Blades granted him immortality, leaving him doomed to wander the Earth as an ageless swordsman for the rest of his existence. Of course, the possibility of such power has led several other warriors to defeat Alperen and g...
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle Assault (Game Boy Advance)

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle Assault review (GBA)

Reviewed on May 26, 2007

Gundam. For anime fans, that name should conjure up images of massive robots decked out with laser cannons and energy blades. Since its inception in 1979, the franchise has spawned multiple series featuring these hulking mechs and lives of their pilots. Gundam SEED follows in the tradition of its predecessors by portraying an ongoing struggle between the Earth’s military alliance and ZAFT, a group comprised of the united space colonies. This series focuses more on the issues of genetic en...
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Game Boy Advance)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance review (GBA)

Reviewed on May 26, 2007

Marche Radiuju has a problem. As the new kid in St. Ivalice, he is both shy and withdrawn from his fellow classmates. Instead of experiencing his childhood, he spends his time caring for his younger brother Doned, whose crippling illness has left him stuck in a wheelchair. Then there’s Marche’s friend Ritz, who is utterly insecure over her appearance (because having weird hair is so much worse than being handicapped for life). Lastly, there’s Mewt, a wimpy bully magnet with an alcoholic f...
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii)

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz review (WII)

Reviewed on May 21, 2007

Once upon a time, AiAi and his primate pals were enjoying yet another sunny day at their tropical island hideaway. The lives of these monkeys are a far cry from those of their brethren in the wild jungles; instead of foraging for subsistence and avoiding predators, they spend their time relaxing on the beach, participating in all sorts of generic mini-games, and greedily consuming AiAi’s vast stash of bananas. But just as our fruit-obsessed hero was about to chow down on yet another one of his p...
Total Carnage (Arcade)

Total Carnage review (ARC)

Reviewed on May 20, 2007

General Ahkboob is a bad, bad man. Armed with nothing but butchered English, bugging eyes, and psychotic grin, he’s converted a baby milk factory, a place normally used to feed the innocent youths of America, into a hive of scum and villainy. From this sinister lair, the madman has created an army of mutant freaks and technological abominations. He’s also kidnapped hundreds, if not thousands of reporters, tourists, and random bystanders and turned them into hostages and test subjects for his inh...
Pit-Fighter (Arcade)

Pit-Fighter review (ARC)

Reviewed on May 14, 2007

As you step into the pit, the stench of cheap beer wafts into your nose. You can’t see very far in front of you; the florescent lights overhead only give off a meager glow, leaving nothing but moving shadows where the surrounding crowds should be. But even if you can’t see the people very well, you can hear them all too clearly. Amidst the curses, racial slurs, and drunken gibberish, you can sense that these patrons are ready to see some ass-kicking. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re here to d...

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