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Title: Favorite video game trailers
Posted: July 17, 2010 (06:09 PM)
As someone who is deeply interested in video games, I watch a lot of video game trailers, which has in itself become a pleasurable activity for me. I'm willing to bet that at least a few of you here share this interest with me. The following are two of my favorite video game trailers.

I think this is quite possibly the best video game trailer of all time. Nearly everything about it exemplifies how a trailer should be done, except for maybe the length, but in spite of that it is still more compelling than many shorter trailers. The music is appropriately and genuinely epic; it varies in a captivating manner, cooling down after a while before exploding back into action. It is paired with similarly powerful imagery that highlights the personality of the game's artistic style.

Unfortunately, as one comment on the video remarks, "Sadly the game wasnt anywhere near as good as the trailer would lead us to believe :(" and this is a sentiment I am in complete agreement with. The trailer benefited from the quick-cut pacing of modern cinema, so it is shorn of the several hundred undramatic details that accompany the actual game. Perhaps Xenosaga would have made better anime than video game.

I think this is technically the introduction to this game, but it looks and feels like a trailer - it involves a lot of short, out-of-order clips with a song in the background. Though, as with the previous trailer, it is difficult to consider music this forceful "background music," and I think they both demonstrate how important music is for a good trailer.

Part of my enjoyment from this trailer comes from being a Berserk fan. Berserk has the effect of making its viewers/readers fall in love with its characters, so the clip in which Guts and Casca start getting intimate actually makes me a little emotional, particularly because it seems like a fantasy sequence. I also like how the clips depict how Guts brutalizes, not just kills, demons.

hmdUser: hmd
Title: Re: Favorite video game trailers
Posted: July 17, 2010 (09:04 PM)
here's a particularly great one:


CalvinUser: Calvin
Title: Re: Favorite video game trailers
Posted: July 18, 2010 (01:06 AM)
I can't come up with any meaningful trailers which still resonate with me, although I am obsessed with classic game commercials.


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