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Title: Question to any guide writers here
Posted: May 03, 2010 (05:55 PM)
About how long does it take you to write a guide? It would actually be nice if you could give me an average, and the two extremes (shortest and longest).

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: May 03, 2010 (11:17 PM)
Shortest for me is stuff like my Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 2 guides, where I knew the games really, really, REALLY well and wrote each of those in a day apiece. Same with Thrilla's Surfari.

Longest would be guides I have done on assignment. I had one that took me most of six weeks (The Last Remnant), and an average when I'm working full-time on a guide is going to be around two weeks for a major new release.

aschultzUser: aschultz
Posted: May 04, 2010 (06:15 PM)
I write for shorter games so I try for a week.

For simple puzzlers, even a day or two to figure the mechanics. For RPGs, it can take a month. You have to look into 1) what people might do wrong the first time around and 2) a quicker way through.

Plus I write maps with my RPGs, which is lots of fun and worthwhile. That takes another few days. It's just, with RPGs I know I'll be missing something & I have to replay to make sure.

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