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Title: 2010 Contribution Goals -- stolen from Felix
Posted: December 29, 2009 (01:30 AM)
2009 was the first year since 2005 that I submitted a review to HonestGamers. In the interim I submitted some screenshots, some cover art, and even a guide or two.

I submitted only three reviews in 2009, and for 2010 I plan to uh, at least triple that. In absolute terms this is a pretty modest goal, but considering my habits I think it's a reasonable bar to set without being too ambitious. It will start with my Alpha review in about a week, but I think most of my writing will probably occur after I graduate in May. It's too difficult to write during the school year, but hopefully post-graduation life will give me a little more time to write.

My contribution plan is primarily writing oriented, and within that context it will primarily be review oriented. I have submitted screenshots and cover art in the past, and they're comparatively easy to do, but I want to focus on writing now. Back at GameFAQs, before I discovered the community, I mostly mass produced reviews in a very mechanical manner, basically writing sectioned reviews without section headers. I had a relatively high output during this period.

After I began learning about writing from reading RotD's I slowed down dramatically and became very interested in actually learning about the craft and process of writing, instead of just doing it mechanically. I learned and developed too much in this time for it all to disappear from four years of disuse, but I do feel a little hazy and unsure about how to structure and organize things, and what information to include and exclude. Technically, I did write papers during my five years at college, and that may have helped somewhat, but I went about them in a mechanical manner similiar to the one I originally approached reviews with.

Unfortunately, I can't yet afford a current gen console, and even when I do I don't know that I'll be spending $60 on new games. I've always been about buying games later so that I can pay $10 for them, and few games have compelled me to pay the original price at or around the time of release. This means I likely won't cover the newest games, and will mostly do semi-retro coverage (mostly one or two generations behind).

Jason showed me a site statistics page though, which says that only 12% of the games in the database have reviews written for them. I hope to review a few uncovered games even if they aren't especially recent ones. I do expect to write a guide or two, but I mostly intend to write reviews, both to help this site and for my personal development.

aschultzUser: aschultz
Posted: December 30, 2009 (01:03 PM)
I look forward to your reviews--you wrote well back at GameFAQs, and I know from my own experience that taking a break can help me look at things a different way.

Don't know what sort of job you're looking for, or what hours you're willing to take, but don't get discouraged if you seem not to have time right away after graduation. You can rearrange things to find time to write. You're definitely smart enough.

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