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Title: Reviewing Frustrations AKA I HATE MY LIFE
Posted: December 03, 2009 (01:54 AM)
I have my alpha game but I don't even really want to start (re)playing it yet, let alone writing a review for it yet, because I still have finals and my mind is cluttered.

In fact, lately I haven't wanted to play almost all games because my mind will be too cluttered to write reviews for them while I'm at school. I mostly just practice my muscle memory in SSBM (when I can't actually play it with a real human being).

I also don't want to work on the reviews that I lost when my laptop died until they can be recovered, if they can be recovered.


Life is rough =(

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: December 03, 2009 (06:44 PM)
Yeah I'm going to have to replay my game since I haven't played it in years. Unfortunately I don't have finals anymore as an excuse :(

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