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Title: More old tournament stuff
Posted: July 05, 2009 (05:27 PM)
After posting my original story up, I received replies from Bloomer who mentioned that he still had all of the judging and interviews saved from Summer Fever 2004. I asked him to send them to me, and they reminded me of a lot of the stuff I had forgotten.

I believe the draft went like this:

theREALbbobb picks Masters
Sashanan picks Lord Alan
midwinter picks Bobotheclown
Kobold Warrior picks Asherdeus
Kobold Warrior picks DJSkittles
midwinter picks Genjuro Kibagami
Sashanan picks Richo Rosai
theREALbbobb picks Lilica
theREALbbobb picks Ohio State
Sashanan picks Shinnokz
midwinter picks FFM
Kobold Warrior picks J Dog
Kobold Warrior picks Disco1960
midwinter picks Golden Vortex
Sashanan picks Dark Vortex
theREALbbobb picks Karpah

I know that I got the first pick and Kobold got the last, and I'm pretty sure Sashanan got second because I think I remember Lord Alan being the second pick. In hindsight, my picks for Lilica and Ohio State are probably two of the biggest steals ever in a reviewer tournament; hell, I knew at the time what a good deal I was getting. Fastkilr was also in the pool, and while he wasn't technically drafted, midwinter was nice enough to adopt him and rotate their line-up so Fastkilr could play.

So the teams looked like this:

theREALbbobb - The Anonymities The Dream Team
theREALbbobb (captain)
Ohio State

Sashanan - Spaceman Spiffs
Sashanan (captain)
Lord Alan
Richo Rosai
Dark Vortex

midwinter - The Axis Of Machismo
midwinter (captain)
Genjuro Kibagami
Golden Vortex

Kobold Warrior - The Fear
Kobold Warrior (captain)
J Dog

There was a six week season, with every team facing each other twice, one home and one away game. Then there was a one-game playoff.

I am retroactively renaming my team The Dream Team because the old name is stupid and brings me much shame. Now, in my original post I mentioned that victory did not come too cleanly for The Dream Team. Upon reading the old judge reports, I realized that I had made an enormous understatement. Our ultimate victory was actually nothing short of miraculous, a comeback of massive proportions.

All manner of unexpected hiccups in the start slowed us down. Lilica lost her first two matches to Richo and then Skittles. Masters won his first against Sashanan, but then lost three matches straight to Kobold Warrior's Metal Slug 3, Midwinter's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, and a rematch to Sashanan's Neptune Daughters. The former two were the infamous synapse verdicts. Ohio State, while acknowledged for his incredibly entertaining and funny writing, also received some complaints about his writing being loopy and exhaustive to the point of being exhausting. I personally used some reviews that today I consider horrible (though some of them won at the time). Karpah had the best individual record out of anyone on my team by week 4, which was 3-1.

So after the fourth week of a six game season, it seemed like The Dream Team had imploded. We were in dead last: our team record was 1-3, with a total individual record of 10-10. Zigfried said that in the reviewer chats everyone laughed about my team. Besides how stacked it looked, I imagine they also laughed partly because of how well my team was not doing. Granted, I don't think they blamed me, or anyone on my team, for the situation. Instead, they blamed Bloomer, particularly for the two synapse verdicts against Masters - a judge retort, if you will.

But you all know the happy ending, so the only question left is how we turned it around with only two weeks left in the regular season. For one, things started going better for the heavy hitters. After starting off 0-2, Lilica went undefeated afterward. Likewise, Masters went undefeated for his remaining three matches. I personally won my last two matches of the regular season, being particularly instrumental in game six, using two reviews that I actually feel okay about today. Karpah, like the other woman on my team, would end with a 5-2 individual record.

In week five The Dream Team experienced a major breakthrough. We were up against Kobold Warrior's team, the leader of the tournament at the time with a team record of 3-1. The lineup was different from our last match against them since they had home court advantage. Kobold put himself up against me, leaving Asher to handle Masters. It didn't quite work out for him. I defeated Kobold with my Suikoden review, which isn't that great, but I usually think of it as my first good review ever. In the grand scheme of things, The Dream Team swept Kobold 5-0, the only such occurrence in the entire season. Week five also experienced another interesting development as Vegita replaced FFM as a member of midwinter's team after FFM had one of his infamous review tantrums after losing.

This dethroned Kobold as the leader, putting midwinter's team in first. The Dream Team was still only in third, although we somehow managed to have the best total individual record at the time with 15-10. Conveniently enough, in the sixth and final round of the season we were up against midwinter's team. We didn't sweep; instead, we merely won 3-2 with a bbobb-Masters-Lilica victory.

At the end of the regular season, Kobold had regained the lead with a total team record of 4-2, defeating Sashanan who ended up in last place. The Dream Team's defeat of midwinter brought the two even in team wins of 3-3, but our week five sweep gave us the better total individual record, better than even Kobold's, which put us in second and secured the playoff spot.

The final I sort of already covered in my last post. I think Kobold received home court advantage because he was the season leader, but it didn't matter too much in the end. He put me back up against Asher, and took Masters on himself. We won 4-1, the only loss being myself. For some reason this tournament had a rule allowing reviews that had already be used before in the final, so bloomer basically judged a bunch of reviews he already judged before. This was fortunate for me, since my teammates all had great reviews that were easy to find for the final.

And that's about it! I would go on to captain a major league team of Autorock and FFM to the playoffs next year but fall short of victory, and then eventually take a long, four-year hiatus from reviewing. Lilica would soon realize her enormous potential as one of the best reviewers this community has ever seen, winning official and unofficial Beat-Zig's, penning PDO, before disappearing, reappearing very briefly, and then disappearing again. Karpah and Ohio disappeared, and as far as I know have not been seen to this day; bless their souls, particularly Ohio, who was an amazing writer and personality.

Masters is still kind of around and shit.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: July 05, 2009 (05:35 PM)

jerecUser: jerec
Posted: July 05, 2009 (06:27 PM)
Karpah's still on GameFAQs. I don't think she does much reviewing anymore, though.

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: July 05, 2009 (06:46 PM)
I vaguely recall Ohio State signing up for the '06 TT draft, but he didn't make a team.

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