What language did you play The Lost Odyssey in?
June 02, 2011

So I picked up the Lost Odyssey based on a few words that Suskie said about it here. Unfortunately the English voice acting is pretty bad, so I checked the options to see if there was a Japanese voice option. To my surprise, you can select from not two, but five, different languages. I have since switched to Japanese and it is a bit better, though still not great. Did anyone else try out the other languages?

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - June 02, 2011 (11:43 PM)
Klingon. Also played a bit of it in Al-Bhed.
jerec jerec - June 03, 2011 (01:34 AM)
I played it in English. And I had no issue with the voice acting.
EmP EmP - June 03, 2011 (03:38 AM)
LO lets you change the language each time you load the game in, so you can easilly check both out and see what you prefer.
SamildanachEmrys SamildanachEmrys - June 04, 2011 (11:30 PM)
I didn't know that was a possibility. All credit to the developer for bothing to record the entire dialogue content in that many languages.

Incidentally, the English acting didn't bother me. It wasn't great, but it was no worse than most games, I thought. And I quite liked Jansen.
radicaldreamer radicaldreamer - June 05, 2011 (12:31 AM)
I was pretty amazing myself. A lot of developers include the option to choose between English and Japanese, since they know that there is a significant population of players who would like to have the Japanese option. German, French and Italian though? Not too many games with those.

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