Deus Ex Invisible War
April 02, 2011

Just started playing this. It seems...quite shitty, almost like a fan-made sequel. At the very least I'm guessing that not everyone involved in the original was involved in Invisible War.

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fleinn fleinn - April 02, 2011 (03:44 AM)
I'm pretty sure no one from the first game was involved with the sequel in any way :D

I mean.. it's not a bad game.. seen isolated from everything else. But if you played the game when it came out - and saw the linear scenarios, the short campaign, the noobified controls, the simplistic level-up, the blunted political fiction, the teen rated senseless (and unmotivated) murder..

Then you could say something like... "This is where all the console-titles started, and there was no turning back. This is where it all began. And I was there when it happened!". And then you could add some hollywood sound-effect for the punctuation.

And it would be awesome!
zippdementia zippdementia - April 02, 2011 (09:36 AM)
There are some good things about Invisible War. It really does have more freedom than the first game, in terms of choices you can make throughout the game. And the gunplay is much more refined. Of course graphically, it is also far superior and the art design is pretty rockin'

But the story is nebulous (and tremulous), it's ridiculous that ammo is viable for all guns, the removal of specific-body-part damage was disappointing, and the ability to continually change your character's abilities removes any fun of the leveling element.
radicaldreamer radicaldreamer - April 02, 2011 (02:03 PM)
So far I'm also just finding that it doesn't have the atmosphere of the original and it just doesn't feel absorbing. The voice acting is really lame too. It feels really amateurish.
fleinn fleinn - April 04, 2011 (07:35 AM)
..yeah.. the spoon-feeding that goes on with the plot is a bit too much. It does have more options for you once you get out there in the field, though.. Zipp is right about that.

But the way the original tricked you into making your own narrative along the way, and then actually followed up on what happened with some general and some pointed questions afterwards -- as if you really were being watched, and as if the choices mattered for your survival, and whether you would be at the right place at the right time .. that's not there any longer.

Still. Comparatively speaking.. not a bad game. Just, imo, curious writing at the beginning and at the end. The lower Seattle segments and all that is kind of good. ..imo. or at least I remember it that way...
darketernal darketernal - April 04, 2011 (10:44 AM)
Deus Ex was really fantastic, I remember playing it in one weekend, until my eyes bled out. Never tried Invisible War, the internet scared me off it. It's a pity. Hopefully, Human Revolution will be awesome. Even if it will be streamlined for consoles.
WrenchHurts WrenchHurts - April 05, 2011 (05:12 AM)
This franchise is horribly overrated.Great music and atmosphere.i'll give you that. Unlinearity does not make a game better. This is not football, where you can pick your own playing method like tiki-taka,kick-and-rush, or cattenacio, this is a forced,disjointed,unrewarding camouflaged-freedom of table-top RPG,it is not a true-freedom resembling that of sports or any other classic board or card games.

Tabletop RPGs are garbage. Name me a tabletop RPG players or designers who is as legendary as Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pele, or Johann Cruyff. No one, why ? Because they are garbage. Videogame industry should stop emulating garbage like tabletop RPGs and rather investing more time to develop abstract games that enable players to practice their own method of execution rather than fake freedom in Dungeons and Dragons.
fleinn fleinn - April 05, 2011 (11:03 AM)
..strangely put, but interesting point.. but I don't know.. What was interesting about Deus Ex was the freedom you had within the limits of the game-engine, and the story-telling within the technical boundaries of branched writing, imo.
zippdementia zippdementia - April 05, 2011 (02:50 PM)
Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pele, or Johann Cruyff

radicaldreamer radicaldreamer - April 05, 2011 (03:20 PM)
I am not even entirely sure what the essential elements are of a Tabletop RPG that define it as such, but I have a feeling that Deus Ex doesn't qualify as one. I have always considered it a first-person shooter with a few RPG-like mechanics.
EmP EmP - April 05, 2011 (03:45 PM)
Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pele, or Johann Cruyff


Two of them are fantastic footballers, one's a tubby coke-dependant cheat and the other has done nothin aside from one fancy turn by a corner flag. And his son was even worse.

darketernal darketernal - April 05, 2011 (05:34 PM)
If you play tabletop games for the "awesomeness" of the game, then you're doing it wrong. It's for people to enjoy a game with good friends, socialising in a fantastical world and seeing what they can pull out of their arse is the the best part, not rolling a crit with you awesome dwarven barbarian. At least it's like that around here.

Also, EmP dislikes Maradona for defeating England. Poor, poor, EmP.

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