So um, anyone want a free copy of Half-Life 2?
December 22, 2010

I bought a shit ton (32 to be exact) of games off of Steam because of all the Holiday deals. Spent like $100. I got the Orange Box, but as it turned out, I already had Half-Life 2, so now I have an extra copy that I can give away (if you have Steam).

Anyone want it? First come, first serve.

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Masters Masters - December 22, 2010 (06:29 PM)
Me please.
radicaldreamer radicaldreamer - December 22, 2010 (07:58 PM)
Alright, just give me your Steam account name.
Masters Masters - December 23, 2010 (04:56 AM)
Awesome, I'll get that info when I get home from work.
Masters Masters - December 23, 2010 (06:13 AM)
Oh, never mind, I remembered my Steam user name:

radicaldreamer radicaldreamer - December 24, 2010 (12:24 AM)
Alright, now you just gotta accept my friend request and then I can finally send it to you.
Masters Masters - December 24, 2010 (06:56 AM)
Okay, done.

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