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TT 04 teams
July 21, 2009

So I was trying to figure out just from memory what the 2004 TT teams were. I came up with the following:

Venter, NickEvil, Woodhouse

Leroux, Deathspork, Jihad

SnowDragon, SkinnyPuppy, Tachibana Ukyo

Zigfried, GUTS, Overdrive

Denouemont, Hangedman

Mariner, Tom Clark

NT220, Janus Operative





Assuming those are all correct, that only leaves two forgotten names. Team arrangements are a little harder.


More old tournament stuff
July 05, 2009

After posting my original story up, I received replies from Bloomer who mentioned that he still had all of the judging and interviews saved from Summer Fever 2004. I asked him to send them to me, and they reminded me of a lot of the stuff I had forgotten.

I believe the draft went like this:

theREALbbobb picks Masters
Sashanan picks Lord Alan
midwinter picks Bobotheclown
Kobold Warrior picks Asherdeus
Kobold Warrior picks DJSkittles
midwinter picks Genjuro Kibagami
Sashanan picks Richo Rosai
theREALbbobb picks Lilica
theREALbbobb picks Ohio State
Sashanan picks Shinnokz
midwinter picks FFM
Kobold Warrior picks J Dog
Kobold Warrior picks Disco1960
midwinter picks Golden Vortex
Sashanan picks Dark Vortex
theREALbbobb picks Karpah

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Some thoughts after completing my first review in four years
June 24, 2009

My Shadow Hearts: Covenant review was truly done as a process over time. I started with just writing down scattered ideas, and each day over the course of a little over a week I would add a bit more. The first draft was an 1800 word monstrosity that was pretty incoherent.

At its current state as a more or less finished product, it's still 1600, which is over my old regular. I used to write more around 1200, with my maximum usually being around 1500. These weren't personally enforced measurements, just habits.

My active vocabulary isn't as big as it used to be, and a lot of words don't come to me as easily anymore. Still, the review still reflects my old style to an extent, somewhat wordy and a little over-sophisticated, though I think it's still pretty clear.

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Reflecting on my past Team Tournament experience
June 22, 2009

In 2004 I participated in what was called “the minor league” Team Tournament by Fact and other AIM chatroom people involved in the regular TT. The format was strange: four teams of five people, bloomer as sole judge because there was simply no one else to spare with two TT’s going on. I don’t know the reason for this nor do I know how this played out in the week scheduling.

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It's hard.
June 20, 2009

Writing reviews that is, not whatever you had in mind.

A few weeks ago I wrote an 11,000 word piece examining the business model of The Southwestern Company and its consequences. It was the biggest piece of writing I had ever done. It was also the first piece of extracurricular writing I have done since the last review I submitted to HG, which was in 2005, before I started college.

When I first started writing reviews on GameFAQs at 15 or 16 years of age, I was basically a machine. I could simply take a game and more or less without stopping put everything I had to say about it down on paper (or on the screen really) and post it as a review. Those reviews probably weren't very good, but the writing process was so much simpler and easier back then.

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October 11, 2007

So I just bought a 15th Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Arcade Stick to play Tekken, Street Fighter 3, CvS2 and Guilty Gear with. It's in good condition. But man, trying to start playing these games on a stick feels like learning the games all over again.

(Untitled Post)
June 06, 2007

My Divine Sealing review has 666 hits.

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