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Laptops I own are cursed
November 16, 2009

I woke up today and my laptop wouldn't boot up. When I press the button I hear the fan but windows never comes up. Last night it was working fine. I'm posting this from a library computer on campus. I hope it can be fixed at least temporarily because if not I will have lost about twenty reviews in progress.


(Untitled Post)
October 23, 2009

I hate myself for letting myself get pulled into Internet arguments.


Freedom Fighters soundtrack
October 14, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that it's fucking great. Really good game too.

October 12, 2009

I was talking with a bunch of people today, and we all came to the agreement that videogames are more addictive than any drug. I think part of the reason this is true is that videogames are not directly physically harmful. The only problem with this reasoning is that I think there are drugs that this can be said about as well.

I also personally came to the conclusion that alcohol is one of the shittiest drugs in existence. Hangovers suck, it tastes extremely shitty over 90% of the time, and you don't even remember of half of the night the next day.


What a week
October 04, 2009

I was originally writing this as an HGmail to Janus but decided other people might find it interesting.

My original conception of my hiatus from writing is that I was dissatisfied with what I produced, and wanted to leave it alone for a while to prevent myself from forcing it. I've kind of been realizing that part of the whole reason I've been MIA from the community is that I actually I am too busy during school. It's probably not just a coincidence that I kind of stopped when I started going to college. I'm probably only barely going to be able to show for BWHY, but I may not be too active beyond that until I graduate. I do graduate in one year though, and will most likely be back into a habit of regular writing when that day comes.

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Memory of Lilica: Mega Man Zero
August 29, 2009

Another old one no longer on GameFAQs or HG.


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Memory of Lilica: Disaster Report
August 14, 2009

I'm sure some of you are thinking how totally characteristic of me this is 8). I used the web archive to find Lilica reviews that are not currently on HG or gamefaqs. It's one of her earliest.


You've already played this game, though probably under a different name. Taking place on earthquake-ravaged Stiver Island, Disaster Report desperately begs for attention with its innovative premise. Don't listen to its pleas. The execution limps across covered ground, delivering a half-baked loaf that tastes stale despite the fresh concept.

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