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Personal Private Link site
December 14, 2009

So I made a private site with just links of important websites. I did this because my laptop is dead and it will be at least another six months (and more likely longer than that) until I have a new personal computer of my own. I already have like 30 different links but I still feel like there's something missing. I seem to have this problem a lot in life, like there's always something that's important but I just can't think of it or remember it.

What sites does everyone else visit regularly?


More college life stuff
December 08, 2009

Sandro: So you're a graduating senior man, how you feelin' about that?

Andrew: Um, I'm having some mixed feelings, like the contradiction of getting tired of something even though you have really good memories of it. Usually expressed as "getting over it."

Sandro: It's not really getting over it. It's that it was good when it happened, but I've changed.

Andrew: Exactly.

Sandro: I don't really live my life that way, just in moments of clarity.

Andrew: Like when you're high.

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December 06, 2009

I found inner peace last night. It was very poetic, a little cold though.

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More or less
December 04, 2009

I recently remembered Leroux's blog about stale and imprecise language from a little while back and thought about such language in my own writing. I noticed that one phrase I constantly use is "more or less." What the hell does this even mean? I use it all the time yet I have no idea. Upon further thought I realized that I seem to use it to deliberately make a statement equivocal. I think I'm going to use this phrase less from now on.


Reviewing Frustrations AKA I HATE MY LIFE
December 03, 2009

I have my alpha game but I don't even really want to start (re)playing it yet, let alone writing a review for it yet, because I still have finals and my mind is cluttered.

In fact, lately I haven't wanted to play almost all games because my mind will be too cluttered to write reviews for them while I'm at school. I mostly just practice my muscle memory in SSBM (when I can't actually play it with a real human being).

I also don't want to work on the reviews that I lost when my laptop died until they can be recovered, if they can be recovered.


Life is rough =(

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Genesis Power Tower
December 01, 2009

A glimpse of life
November 21, 2009

A friend of mine who I have known for the past two and a half years woke up one day and just decided to start treating me like shit. It came to some level of tension on Thursday night, and because I am very sensitive it actually caused me a great deal of stress. I must have had a lot of adrenaline in my bloodstream because I had trouble getting to sleep that night. At 6:30 AM I went for a short run and eventually fell asleep at 7 AM.

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